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Ketogenic Egg Diet | 1 WEEK RESULTS – 19 POUNDS???!!!

Ketogenic Egg Diet | 1 WEEK RESULTS – 19 POUNDS???!!! KETO EGG FAST – WEEK 1 RESULTS Don’t think I ever shared this video, but last year I attempted the ketogenic egg fast (i.e., the keto egg diet, the keto egg fast, or the ketogenic…

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BODY BEAST REVIEW & RESULTS OLD-SCHOOL LIFTING VS. FUNCTIONAL FITNESS The last 5 years I’ve been devoting myself mainly to exercise routines focused mainly on functional fitness.  This is a great approach to fitness, and one in which I believe everyone should partake…but, if I am being…

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THE MIND IS HALF THE BATTLE! Muscle Gains Start With The Mind Just because our body’s doing all the right things DOESN’T mean change will come! The trick to success is having the mind on board, because in the end, our mind is half the…

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5 YEAR RESULTS – P90X & LeanGains (Intermittent Fasting)

5 YEARS RESULTS – P90X & LeanGains Tony Horton + Intermittent Fasting 5 Year Results My 5 year weight loss update – i.e., how I’ve been able to maintain long-term weight loss success after first completing P90X and starting Intermittent Fasting (now known as Timed…

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Starting A Diet? Here’s The One To Try First And Why!

Starting A Diet? Here’s The One To Try First And Why! WHY THE FIRST DIET YOU SHOULD TRY MIGHT BE YOUR LAST?   Atkins, IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), Caloric Restriction, Ketosis (Keto / Ketogenic), LCHF (low carb high fat), Portion Control, Clean Eating,…

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Intermittent Fasting & P90X Results – 4 Years Later

INTERMITTENT FASTING + P90X RESULTS – 4 YEARS LATER THE MARKS “Papi, Mami said she got the marks on her stomach because she had me in her belly…why do you have those lines on your side?” asked Alejandro nearly 3 years ago. The “marks,” or…

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Carbs or Fats…and How Much?

CARBS OR FATS…AND HOW MUCH? SHOULD I EAT MORE CARBS OR FATS? We all want to lose weight and/or lose fat, but we can’t make it happen if we keep eating the amount of carbs and fats found in today’s “typical” diet.  Gaining lean muscle…

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Modify, Modify, Modify & GROW, GROW, GROW

Modify & GROW, GROW, GROW MODIFICATION IS KEY! In the game of life we all struggle to be better, stronger, more successful, happier, etc., but no matter what we are trying to achieve, the one constant to become more than you are right now is change…which,…

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True Strength & Power “Becoming A Stronger You!”  We all want to be stronger and more powerful! No matter what type of strength or power we are looking for (from being a stronger more powerful fighter, parent, person, to having a stronger more powerful will, to physically…

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Realistic Expectations – Reaching Our Goals

Realistic Expectations – Reaching Our Goals “Real Or Not, Will Change Your Life”  Over the years I’ve realized many things, but there is one thing I find to be a bit more productive than most – setting expectations.   The truth is that setting expectations…

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