Top  10 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life

Over the last few weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of lists calling out the top 25 or so New Year’s Resolutions that you should do in 2014, and, to be honest, 25 is too much!  As a matter of fact 10 may be too much, but it’s more than half of 25 so it must be more manageable right…?

Well, fret not my friends, even if you just do one of the following you’ll improve you life in 2014.


The 10 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life

1. Love Yourself

In the immortal words of A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg, “be yourself, because if you ain’t yo’ self you’ll end up by your freakin’ self.”

Seriously though, nothing in life is worth doing if you’re not happy with yourself.

So, make whatever strides you have to to be sure to love yourself.


2. Love Your Life

If you love your life, chances are you’ll most likely love yourself.

Loving life isn’t about merely being happy…it’s about loving the life you live and looking forward to each and every day.  Yeah, there are times you’ll fall victim to the funk but make moves to get out and learn to stay out.

From the people in your life, to your significant other, make sure your life is full of, and surrounded, by love – people you love, people who love you, and the things you love to do!


3. Love Your Job

This is obviously a dream situation for everyone…but sometimes it can come true…while other times a little change in our mindset can go a long way.

If you can’t love everything about your job then do all you can to find something about your job you do love.  Be it a coworker you really like being around or simply the paycheck that comes with the job, the point is to find something you like about your job that might help you start loving it.

If all else fails and you can’t make yourself love your job, than never stop trying to find a new one you might end up loving because when you do your whole life will improve.


4. Find A Hobby

By hobby I am specifically referring to anything that helps take your mind of your day-to-day stresses.

Be it reading, walking, watching TV, listening to music, team sports, etc., a hobby WILL help improve you, your mind, and your life!


5. Exercise

This should be self-explanatory this day and age but, in this day and age, it’s still worth repeating – START TO EXERCISE.

From increased brain waves to a stronger immune system (not to mention a pro-longed life) exercise CAN ONLY DO GOOD.

A balanced approach that includes both strength and cardio training will help you not only look but feel younger.

Be it hard-core strength training or a simple 20-minute walk, start off doing something a few days a week and work up to 4-5 days a week.  If you can make this happen by year’s end I guarantee you’ll look and feel better than you do right now.


6. Sleep

Hopefully sleep is not your hobby but nonetheless sleep should be something we’re all getting enough of.

Depending on our age and our body’s natural rhythm the amount of sleep we need ranges from 6-10 hours…but to be honest 10 hours is a bit much (especially since I think sleep is contagious…but more on this at a later post).

Regardless of the amount of sleep you need to recharge your body, I’ve always thought you need three things in life;

1. Love,

2. Food, and

3. Sleep.

When I was in Architecture school my peers used to talk about, and take pride in, the number of all-nighters they would pull.  Well, I also took pride in the number of all-nighters I pulled – 5 to be exact.

While other people spent countless nights up designing or studying I spent at least 5 hours a night resting my mind and body.

I know that no matter what I say there will still a large number of you out there who want to add to your all-nighters’ tally.  Well, just know that I have resolved at least 6 design problems while a sleep.  I am no super human, it’s just plain ol’ fashion science – our brain needs time to download and reboot…and one of the many by-products happens to be productivity and problem solving!


7. Vacation

I used to have long conversations with Niña about whether or not we should budget for at least one yearly vacation every year.  Well, I now whole-heartedly agree with her – WE ALL NEED VACATIONS…every year.

As a matter of fact – the reason I work is to go on vacation.

Think about how much more productive and cheery you are those few weeks leading up to a vacation.  As a matter of fact, think about how excited you get the day you even think about starting to plan a vacation – the mere thought starts relieving stress!

So even if the vacation is a year away, start planning today and you’ll start reaping the benefits of a vacation now.

In case you need a little more incentive, vacations are as important to our work life as sleep is to our brain.  As a matter of fact, vacations are exactly like sleep – they reboot our work life and get us ready for the next stretch before it’s vacation time again!


8. Fast

This might be a bit much for some folks but all I ask is that you give it a go.

There is a reason why societies have been doing some form of fasting since pretty much the beginning of civilizations – something about it works.

Just like our brain and work life need a reset so do our bodies.

Yeah, your body gets a bit of a reboot during sleep and vacation, but what about a detox?

Detox via juicing weeks on end or detox via a good 24-hour fast? Not even a question if you ask me.  As I have stated a number of times on this site, there are people out there that talk about the Zen-like-fasted feeling/state…well, I’ve been fasting for over a year and have never experienced it.

So, why fast? 

Fast to prove to yourself you can do it, fast as a training exercise, fast to help push all the toxins out of your system, or fast to help teach yourself the difference between cravings and hunger.  Regardless of why you may fast, just try it out to see what happens…you’ll never know what it’ll do until you try it (and I can guarantee two things it won’t do; 1. Make you lose muscle, 2. Kill you).

Please note that, though I am referring to food above, fasting could apply to anything you regularly do…especially any addictions you may have…and yes, though food is essential, it can be an addiction…remember that too much of anything can be a bad thing.


9. Meditate

I am not telling you to be a Shaolin Monk here, but I am asking you to take a few minutes a day to reflect.

Sit in a quiet room, or at your desk, with your eyes closed thinking about everything until you think about nothing.

Either focus on your breathing, or on compartmentalizing all your thoughts—the point is to actively take control of your thoughts before they take control of you.

Our mind functions in two states naturally, wake and sleep mode.  So, I think it only makes sense to take full advantage of each state.  Use each state to its fullest potential instead of inactively allowing it to run rampant and eventually run/ruin your day.


10. Dance

“Everyone knows dancing is evil…”…or is it?


I am not joking about this one…as a matter of fact; I’m probably more serious than y’all think.


I actually take dancing breaks anytime I work from home.  It may sound a bit odd but I assure you it’s not.  Dancing is an amazing way to relieve some stress or some extra energy due to jitters.  In other words, dance is the perfect way to burn off a few calories while blowing off some steam.


Still don’t believe me? Incase you need a reminder, Mr. Bacon agrees.



Seriously though, just dance.

Do it by yourself, with a partner, in a line (be it country or conga), and do it often.

Though we may not all be really good dancers or gymnasts with access to a deserted warehouse, we all have the natural urge to get up and move…especially when you hear your jam.

Yeah, this tip may be a bit cheesy and or quirky but it works.  As a matter of fact, dancing can work wonders…it can even defeat evil!




And with this, I bid you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2014!

By Rolando Rodriguez