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A SIMPLE TWO STEP APPROACH TO DIETING – LEARNING TO EAT RIGHT THE AMERICAN EATING STEREOTYPE Years of bad habits can’t be undone in the blink of an eye, but they most certainly can be reversed. We Americans are known for our over consumption of…well,…

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Diet Vs. Exercise – Exercise CAN CHANGE Your Eating Habits

Diet Vs. Exercise – Exercise Will Change Your Eating Habits Why Even Exercise? So, as we learned in the last post, when it comes to losing weight, focusing on one’s diet can be more beneficial than focusing on one’s workout.  We also learned that as…

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Temptation – Fight It Or Forget It

Doughnuts above can be found at Revolution Doughnuts in Atlanta. TEMPTATION – FIGHT IT, OR FORGET IT TO FIGHT “IT” OR FORGET “IT” To fight “it” or forget “it,” that is the question right? WRONG!  That is not the question but is instead the decision!…

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P90X3 Review – Block 1 Results and Review

P90X3 Review – Block 1 P90X3 Review – Block 1 Review Check out Block 2’s Review & Results Here Check out Block 3’s Review & Results Here As some of you may remember, at the start of P90X3 I had my concerns – specifically, I…

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P90X3 Review – Block 1, The Approach

P90X3 Review – Approach In Action P90X3 Review – Block 1 In The Books So, Round 1, or, as it’s properly referred to in the P90X3 Program, Block 1 of P90X3 is in the books.  This means I’m about 1/3 of the way down with…

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P90X3 Review – 5 Steps To Starting P90X3

P90X3 Review – The Approach, 5 Steps To Starting P90X3 P90X3 Review – The X-Gains Approach As I find myself 2 days away from finishing, and reviewing, Block 1 of P90X3 I have decided to write a bit about the approach I decided to take…

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P90X3 – It’s Time!

It’s Almost Time – P90X3! WHY P90X3 INSTEAD OF MY CURRENT HYBRID? Though I am one-third through my third round of my custom P90X + P90X2 Hybrid Program I have decided to start P90X3 sooner rather than later – this coming Monday to be exact! …

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HOLIDAY FASTING – INTERMITTENT FASTING BY ANOTHER NAME IF YOU CAN FAST FOR TURKEY…YOU CAN FAST EVERYDAY I don’t know how many of us are actually aware of this little tidbit, so I thought I’d share – most of us fast on Thanksgiving! I couldn’t tell…

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Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe

Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe  I know you guys know I love NIÑA’S KITCHEN so, in honor of tomorrow, I thought I’d share the recipe for…. ….THE BEST SWEET POTATO SOUFFLE EVER…. Okay, in the interest of being a bit more politically correct (just for good measure), lets…

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10 Unbelievable Diet Rules Backed by Science…and X-GAINS!!! FYI – IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING X-GAINS YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL 10 OF THEM! The other morning Niña sent me an article around 2 am and woke up two hours later (at 4 am that same morning)…

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