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The Secret To Scorching Fat!

  Now that we know why Carbs are okay, it’s time to talk FAT.   A lot of people ask why I drink Whole Milk if “it’s got all that fat in it.”  Well, the main reason is because FAT = TASTE and the second reason…

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Thought I’d take a second to let everyone know that PushStart, which I’ve written about twice on this site (once, twice), is opening a restaurant in Atlanta! And to do so their asking for our help. Zach and Cristina Meloy have worked really hard to…

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Let me repeat – TATERS, PORK, BANANAS! That was PushStart’s e-mail header this week – needless to say, I responded immediately. For those of you who may have forgotten about PushStart (feel free to refresh your memory a bit), but for those who still don’t…

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Late Night Carbs

  We’ve all heard this tidbit – “Want to lose weight?  Don’t eat carbs after 6 pm and don’t eat before going to bed.” BOTH ARE WRONG!…. …ESPECIALLT ON THE LEANGAINS or IF EATING PLAN! Why? Well there is a lot of science that goes…

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Something About Cereal – They May Be Gr-r-r-eat But….

  They may be “Gr-r-reat” but they don’t help cut weight. You might be thinking to yourself right about now, “No cereal will help you lose weight…except maybe Special K.” But my friends, that would be an incorrect train of thought. You see, once I…

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Alejandro’s Favorite Chicken

So, here is the easiest (and most loved) weeknight meal at our house.  Our son Alejandro is a pretty picky eater, but he sure loves pasta, chicken, and bread.  His favorite restaurant is Carrabba’s because of its pasta, chicken, and bread! The boy would be…

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IF you’re going to cheat – CHEAT BIG!

Losing weight is not about eating perfect 100%…the truth is, and don’t share this with everyone, especially if they relapse easily, losing weight and being fit is all about eating right 80% of the time. So, if you’re going to cheat, CHEAT! I mean go…

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Mr.R’s Invite | The Accidental Mrs. Is One Lucky Girl!

So, Mr. R and The Accidental Mrs. are doing us a huge favor today – babysitting the boys so we can go RISE UP at the Falcon’s Playoff game today!  We’ll be at The Dome (with my crazy brother-in-law and all is fantastic friends) bright and…

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Cuban Picadillo

This recipe is a staple dish in Cuban cuisine – Picadillo.  It only takes about 30 minutes to prep and cook.  I have adapted this version from the classic Nitza Villapol Cuban recipe collection.  My Mom has always used this recipe and her copy of…

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Breaking A Fast With Cuban Picadillo

So, today was a fasting day after having a very indulgent weekend.  What’s this mean?  It means I ate my last bowl of cereal last night around 7 pm and didn’t eat again until 7 pm this evening.  Today I broke the fast with Cuban…

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