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P90X3 Review – Day 3, X3 Yoga

P90X3 – Day Three, X3 Yoga X3 Yoga “Do your yoga people!” – Tony Horton Though Mr. Horton is quite adamant about the importance of Yoga, an importance I certainly agree with (so much so I’ve devoted a few posts to it – check out Why…

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Active Recovery

Active Recovery Active Recovery…? A few days ago was Day 3 of P90X3 – X3 Yoga and, by the end of the workout, I found myself remembering how important Active Recovery is to any workout regimen.  So important in fact, I am 100% sure Active…

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P90X3 Review – Day 2, Agility X

P90X3 – Day 2, Agility X Agility X – 30 Seconds Is Only Halfway 30 seconds does not a minute make!  Yeah, I know that but that didn’t stop me from wanting to throw in the towel. The Towel Is For Looks, Not Sweat Day…

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P90X3 Review – Day 1, Total Synergistics

P90X3 – Day 1, Total Synergistics Have you ever been punched in the face? If so, did you stay standing? If so, were you a bit stunned? If you answered yes to the three questions above then you might understand how I felt at the…

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The Secret To Maintaining Weight & Results

The Secret To Maintaining Weight / Results Maintaining Your Results – The Maintenance Phase Minimum I am a big boy by nature.  I gain weight by looking at food if I’m not careful!  So, to maintain my weight loss over the last two years I have…

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P90X3 – It’s Time!

It’s Almost Time – P90X3! WHY P90X3 INSTEAD OF MY CURRENT HYBRID? Though I am one-third through my third round of my custom P90X + P90X2 Hybrid Program I have decided to start P90X3 sooner rather than later – this coming Monday to be exact! …

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Top 10 Posts From 2013

Top TEN Things To Take From 2013 I wrote nearly 100 posts last year.  Hopefully you learned something from each one…even if it were some trivial pop-culture reference that’ll come in handy the day you decide to actually go to that trivia night you and…

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Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution So many people fail to meet their New Year’s Resolution because that’s exactly how they approach it – as a New Year’s Resolution.  Well my friends, I am here to put a stop to that train of thought.  If…

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life

Top  10 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life Over the last few weeks I’ve been seeing a lot of lists calling out the top 25 or so New Year’s Resolutions that you should do in 2014, and, to be honest, 25 is too…

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Give Up or Try Harder – The Key To Results

Give Up or Try Harder – The Key To Results The Two Choices We all find ourselves at this all too familiar crossroad what seems like to be all too often.  The crossroad I’m referring to being a decision point – a point from which…

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