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So, a very dear friend of mine sent me a MacRumors article which states that Apple is working with Intel on building a watch….not an iPod Nano that can be used as a watch but a real watch. Yes this watch will, and should, play…

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This year the family had a very special trip planned for Christmas and I planned for a full 2 weeks COMPLETELY OFF from working out.  So, before we get into the meat of the post please check out the first 5 minutes of the video above…

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‘Tis The Season

So, had dinner last night at Mr. R’s house and it was delicious. Most of the family will be in Cuba this year for Christmas so we had Christmas Dinner last night and it was well worth the 24 hour fast. Recipes and more pics…

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So, who is Niña…

It’s simple really – Niña is my wife, my personal chef, and her food is the reason I workout!  I cannot stress the last point enough – one of the main reasons I workout is to eat my wife’s food! From the way she butters bread,…

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Running Under The Cloud

Running Under The Cloud I love the idea of being able to access pretty much any song under the sun via the cloud, but when it comes to working out with the cloud, I prefer to be hard wired. You see, nothing is more frustrating…

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Dumbbells VS. Smartbells

A lot of people are fans of adjustable dumbbells, I personally think they are an injury waiting to happen. Just think about it – moving parts on a weighted device you will be moving…something is bound to happen. Any weighted device with moving parts is…

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