So, the other 2/3’s of my immediate family is coming back from Cuba today and it got me thinking – I never finished my initial Cuba post. Cuba is a very tricky and sensitive subject, one that has an unlimited number of interesting topics, topics I’d like to one day discuss in more detail, but I’ll stick to what’s relevant to this blog for now – MOTIVATION.



When arriving in Cuba (THE REAL CUBA, NOT THE TOURIST FAUX-FACADE) the first thing you realize is the Cuban way of life. Immediately one wonders, “Why would someone choose to live like this? Why not work harder, why not try for something more, why not just get more motivated to make something happen?” And then you learn, they can’t…and so you start to feel The Cuba Effect!

They can’t make something more happen because it’s not legal and/or it’s simply unattainable…and this kills motivation for much of anything.

For example, until the last few months one could not buy a home in Cuba. So, if you got married and wanted to move into your own place…all you could do was plan your parents’ or in-laws’ death and hope the government gave you the home before their bodies turned cold…or figured out your murderous plot.

Or, lets say you wanted a new or used car…uhm, lets say no. Since the revolution, no Cuban citizen was allowed to sell or purchase a car. Only, foreigners with Cuban Residency could buy cars. And if you were Cuban, only Cuban Officials or Cuban Sports Stars (who were given cars as gifts) were allowed to own a car – no one else. So, don’t bother saving money for that new ride…it was illegal…and now that it is finally legal it is financially unattainable…unless you think a $60K 1999 Honda Civic is a good deal when you’re making about 20 cents a day.

Okay, so you couldn’t legally buy/sell a house or car, but what about the other extras and or necessities of life?



Well, there are two main issues driving The Cuba Effect here:

  • PAY

    People work for a month’s salary of a whopping $5-7! And products cost the exact same as they do in the States. So, if you need a new pair of $50 shoes you’d have to work 8-10 months for those shoes all the while hoping no other expenses, i.e., like food, came up. I actually saw a number of nice shoes that were worth every penny…if you weren’t getting paid 20 pennies a day!


    Now, lets say you now have the money for whatever reason…awesome right? Nope! You now have to pray the item you want or, more importantly, need is in stock.

    Perfect example – my family was in Cuba this year for a total of 4 weeks and we could not find a single run of the mill dinner knife for my Aunt who’s family cuts their pork chops with spoons. I mean I love The Tick as much as the next guy but sometimes you need a little more than SPOON!




So, The Cuba Effect is in full effect in Cuba – deteriorating its people’s motivation to prosper and/or do anything really…because quite simply there’s no reason to do so. BUT, this being the case for over half the Cubans I meet, there are still the few that look regression, oppression, and corruption in the face and push back. They stay motivated to move forward no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

And that’s when I realized that though the last 50 years has been spent trying to crush The Cuban Spirit (and anyone who has meet a Cuban knows exactly what I am talking about by “The Cuban Spirit”…and no, it’s not Havana Club), there are still Cubans living in Cuba fighting The Effect. They are fighting for something…whatever it may be, at least they are finding a reason to fight.

Even though the reality is they may never attain their goal, a handful still fight. They fight because if there’s one thing Cubans yearn for it’s their dreams!….or maybe they fight because of their hard-headedness…just sayin’.

Whatever it may be, what I’m trying to get through to you guys today is that no matter what obstacles stand in your way don’t let The Cuba Effect happen to you!

We could sit here and list a thousand excuses of why we can’t change our lifestyles – our bodies and/or our state of mind. But if we try a bit harder we could list a thousand reasons why WE CAN.

Yes, this blog is about changing your body composition but it’s about a lot more than that. It’s about changing body and mind to truly change one’s lifestyle…and we all can. We can because in the end our bodies and mind are the only things we can truly control (at least the lucky majority of us anyways).

So, no matter what obstacles are in your way don’t let The Cuba Effect take over. Don’t let a lack of motivation (apathy if you will) take control of your life.

Fight The Cuba Effect when it comes and you’ll see nothing but results!

The truth is the more you stay motivated the closer you’ll get to your goal until one day you’re there wondering, “Now what?”….hopefully a new goal!