So, a very dear friend of mine sent me a MacRumors article which states that Apple is working with Intel on building a watch….not an iPod Nano that can be used as a watch but a real watch. Yes this watch will, and should, play music but there are a number of things I truly wish it will have – starting with watch in the name.

Maybe that’s why Apple decided to change the iPod Nano this year…?

The new iPod Nano, with its redesigned rectangle shape, is no longer conducive to being worn as a watch. It’s no longer a small square but instead is now a long rectangle too big to be worn on the wrist…and that’s where I think you want a watch….right? This being the case, maybe Apple is really getting serious about entering a market I think they should have been leading a long time ago – the “Smart” watch.

So what should the new Apple “Smart” watch have:

      • A DOPE INTERFACE – that goes without sayingSomething customizable and easy to use (while working out and during the day) would be ideal – but at least something as simple and nice as the MotoACTV interface…more on this at a later post.
      • BLUETOOTHI could list for days why this should be the case but mainly because no one should be working out with a head phone cord attached to their wrist.
      • Wi-Fi + 4G + GPS
Because I want my exercise info downloaded to my other devices while I am on the go…and from anywhere…not while I am hardwired to a number of devices.
      • RADIO TUNERNot a game breaker but a huge plus. Especially while your favorite sports team (which should be the Atlanta Braves) is playing and your stuck at work.
      • PHONE INTEGRATIONThis is a true must for all “Smart” watches…period.
      • APPSEspecially workout Apps. Nike and Apple have a good thing going and I would like to see them take it further.

I really do think this watch thing could be a very big deal. There is no doubt in my mind that if you are truly serious about changing your life and educating yourself about yourself you’ll need to track your biometrics – and this watch should be “Smart” enough to do so. Things like tracking your heart rate while working out are crucial to pushing yourself to the next level and getting the most out of every workout…and the best, most accessible, place for this info to be during a workout is on your wrist…until we have computer contacts of course!

Currently, Apple’s products, including the Nano, all have workout apps to track exercises such as runs and other cardio routines. But unfortunately all Apple products have one major flaw – they can’t be worn comfortably (due to size/shape or to the specific device’s technological limitations) on the wrist…and that’s where you want a “Smart” workout device to be for on the go readings during your exercise routines.

I looked for a few months into buying an iPod Nano to use as an everyday + workout watch but the lack of bluetooth, and a number of other features, made me go with the MotoACTV. I did eventually buy an iPod Nano as a watch but it couldn’t double as a workout device, which the MotoACTV does nicely, because of it lacking BlueTooth and other helpful features.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple products, and if they do eventually get into the “Smart” watch game, and include the features listed above (or at least 2/3’s of the features), I’ll surely be one of the first ones in line to get the product. But I do think this has been a long time coming….to long maybe…and that’s why I may sound a bit jaded.

So, once this bad boy hits the market how much should it retail for?

$249 – $449 (8 – 16GB)

…and if it where waterproof?!!! I think my head just exploded.