P90X3 – Day Three, X3 Yoga

X3 Yoga

“Do your yoga people!” – Tony Horton

Though Mr. Horton is quite adamant about the importance of Yoga, an importance I certainly agree with (so much so I’ve devoted a few posts to it – check out Why Yoga, Part 1 and Why Yoga Part 2), I do not know if X3 Yoga gets it done…?

I know Tony has yet to let me down, and I am not saying that X3 Yoga will not give you the benefits associated with Yoga in just 30 minutes, but I do not think X3 Yoga is as good as X2 Yoga…more on that tomorrow.


X3 Yoga – Making You Ready To Take On The Day

X3 Yoga, overall, is a nice workout that leaves you feeling quite good.  So good in fact I felt wide awake, energized, and so ready to take on the day that I actually felt like going straight into another workout.  I don’t know how else to say this but I mean I really, really felt good at the end of X3 Yoga.

But, that being said, X3 Yoga did not cut it in my opinion. 

Maybe it is because I am accustomed to doing an hour to an hour and half of Yoga or maybe it is because I have come to really love the stretching sequences, all I know is that I just wanted more…so much so I went on a 3 mile run right after doing X3 Yoga.

But wait a minute!  Is the fact that we’re left wanting more such a bad thing? Maybe not! Maybe it just means we should do more!