P90X3 Review – Block 1

P90X3 Review – Block 1 Review

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As some of you may remember, at the start of P90X3 I had my concerns – specifically, I was concerned that 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough time to get in a good workout.

Nonetheless, since Tony has yet to let me down, I started P90X3 100% committed to a full 90 days and I just completed Block 1 of the P90X3 Classic Program.

Here’s my 5 Step Approach To Starting P90X3 
Here’s how I actually implemented The 5 Steps during Block 1 of P90X3



Overall I must say I am….

…Drumroll please…



Block 1 of P90X3 introduced me to 10 NEW WORKOUTS – 8 of which leave you wishing you could spend the next 10 minutes just lying on the floor.

Now, if you’ve been through the P90X and P90X2 Programs a few times already, it might seem like am not saying much.  But remember, we are talking about 30 minute workouts instead of the typical P90X-family-60-minute routines.

In just 30 minutes a day, I must say you get a really good core routine that touches all muscle groups.  And, though you may not be focusing solely on shoulders or other body parts, there is no denying you’re not using every muscle group in your body during the 30 minute workouts.


The Core – You Do Get Plenty!

As I’ve mentioned a few times already, the basic P90X3 Program package does not include an Ab routine.  Now, 28 days in, I am pretty sure I understand why.

Though I am personally including the original Ab Ripper and X2 Ab Ripper 3 days a week, I do think one can develop a strong core without including extra Ab Routines.

Does this mean I think you’ll develop AMAZING ABS via P90X3’s regular routines only?

I don’t know about AMAZING ABS but I do think if you were to follow the P90X3 basic program (which does not include abs) you will have a strong core foundation that would be a few weeks away from being AMAZING.

The Favorite(s)

Though I’ve only done the Isometric workout once,  I think it might be my favorite…or it may be tied with CVX.

1. Isometrics

Isometrics is, as Tony says, “Yoga without the resting” – i.e., the hardest parts of Yoga.

So, during the Isometrics routine you are pretty much holding intense balance moves the entire time so that by the end of the workout you find yourself more tired than if you had done a non-stop pull-up/push-up routine.  I really don’t know how to express how good I think this workout routine is…but I can say it’s only in the “Transitional” weeks which is a negative in my opinion because the routine is killer.

2. CVX

Cardio with weights – need I say more?

I think the reason I like this routine so much is because it just keeps going.  There is really no time to think and, though it seems counter-intuitive, the times you are going harder/faster seem a bit easier than when you’re going regular speed.

That is until you realize how close you are to throwing up.

To get an idea of CVX’s potential, here’s an example. When I run at about 90% my heart rate is around 170-175 bpm and I can only sustain that level for about 5 minutes. Now, during CVX my heart rate averaged 170 bpm for 30
minutes…so be prepared, go hard, and pay attention to how your body is feeling.

3. The Glutes

To be honest, I personally think that both P90X and P90X2 lack a bit in the glute department…but P90X3 is a different story.

Though there is not a single lower body only routine in Block 1 of P90X3…

…I do believe Block 1 of P90X3 is better for the glutes than any round of P90X or P90X2.


So far, there are only two things I dislike about P90X3:

Lack Of Arms

Block 1 of P90X3 has almost no isolated arm moves.  Though I know you are working out your arms via all the other “total-body” moves, I have lost a bit of mass and definition in my arms…and I don’t like that too much.

Yoga and Isometrics

Yoga – the only complaint here is that I wish the Yoga routine was a bit longer (though I know the entire premise of P90X3 is 30 minutes, a man can still wish).

Isometrics – though I’ve only done it once, I already wish Isometrics was a weekly workout instead of just appearing in the Transition Week.



So, now for what really matters – what were my P90X3 Block 1 Results?

Well…drumroll please….

…I lost 10.5 pounds and about 6% Body Fat in Block 1 of P90X3.






By Rolando Rodriguez