Men’s Asics GEL-Cumulus 15 Review

So, after months of trying out a number of different running shoes, and dealing with double the months of foot pain and nagging injuries, I finally got fitted for some new kicks…and I have a good friend to thank for it.

Our family friend Liza, with a “z,” loves getting into any and all discussions and/or arguments…and we LOVE her for it.

We’ve been friends with Lizzzzzza for almost 20 years now and anytime it’s time to share our opinions on…anything really…we get pretty ’bout it if you know what I mean.  Lets just say most of the discussions may seem down right like arguments between Lizzza and the Rodriguez crew, but Liza ain’t scared of being one girl vs. 4 Rodriguez boys…and for that, we love her…not to mention her husband is hilarious.


So, after having a discussion with Liza, of which she was about 95% wrong (and I was about 95% right of course), I was left with a true blow to my self-being.

You see, I am all about preparing and taking care of oneself…especially when it comes to exercise.

Needless to say the right gear is essential no matter what you’re doing in life.  Having the right gear is part of preparing and taking care of yourself.  From going to an interview, attending a wedding, going to baseball practice, or just going for a run, the right gear is crucial for feeling, doing, and being your best…and during our discussion Liza called me out on a crucial fact about me and my running…




You see, about 9 years ago, another dear friend of mine heard me complaining about chin splints and how they were preventing me from running on a regular basis.  Well, being a tri-athlete himself, and having some of the best pair of legs I had ever seen (man or woman), he knew what he was talking about so when he told me to shut my mouth I listened.  The very next day he came into studio with a 7-page-print out on how to prevent chin splints.  The article shared a number of tips ranging from heel-walk exercises to how to improve your running form.  Though the article was full of useful information, the number one tip was the simplest and the only tip I did not obey properly –





Now, I didn’t just ignore the tip, I mean I went out and bought what I thought were good pairs of running shoes.  And for years they seemed to be doing the trick….


About two years ago I went from running about 5 miles a week to running 15 – 20 miles a week.  Now, before you say it, I know, 15 -20 miles, real runners do that a day.  Nonetheless for me the extra 10 -15 miles a week were enough to bring on the pains.



In little to no time I went from having no foot pains to having non-stop foot issues.  From tendons to nerves to swelling to you name it, two years ago I started distroying my feet.

At first I thought it was a casualty of running more.  I thought, “well, I only have foot pains…and the pains come and go…I no longer have any chin splints, calf, or any other muscle pains so it must be that my feet aren’t really meant for running.”  I went on thinking this for the next 2 years.


Even after countless doctor visits and countless shoes…I couldn’t find the solution to my foot pains.


I eventually gave up on the search for the right shoes and gave into the running pains as being my new norm.

I went on with my life and with my feet pains until a few weeks ago – until that fateful day Liza called me out on a single fact.  Liza, in her aggressive assertive way, called me out on having purchased a number of different running shoes hoping to find the right fit while never going to a running store to be properly fitted.



The very next day I went to Big Peach Running Co. in Suwanee and got properly fitted.

After having about a 10 minute discussion with the employee about me, my running routines, and my current pains, I was put through a few tests.  It turned out my running form and cadence where both pretty good which left me feeling both a bit happy and a bit sad.  Happy because it seemed like all my hard work in terms of running form had paid off.  Sad because it seemed like the foot pains were simply due to running…not bad running form.

Nonetheless I remained optimistic and, after trying on 6 different shoes (each from a different brand),  I walked out of the store with some new running kicks.



I left Big Peach Running Co. with some new Asics GEL-Cumlus 15’s and, though not really my bag of tee in terms of style, they felt awesome on my feet.

I selected the Asics GEL-Cumulus 15’s because they seemed to feel the most “natural” on my foot while providing a pretty snug fit.  The “snug fit” is actually a very important aspect in my opinion because I hate when my foot slides around my running, or any, shoes.

That same afternoon I tested out the new kicks with a little 5K run…which also happens to be the biggest run I do.


…the shoes were AWESOME!

I could tell immediately after my first run that these shoes would make a world of difference!


Absolutely NO FOOT PAIN after my first 5K run nor any foot pain after two weeks of use!

And it turns out I just found out, after purchasing them, that they won an editor choice award in 2013…



So, my friends, I write this post as a thank you to my friend Liza, my friend Carter Butts (who’s article is still helping me out to this very day), and to reemphasize the importance of THE RIGHT PAIR OF SHOES!