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P90X3 Review – The Warrior

P90X3 Review – Day 6, The Warrior P90X3 REVIEW, THE WARRIOR This workout sort of has it all.  Upper Body, Balance, Lower Body, MMA, and Core mixed in a pot that’ll keep you interested, focused, and engaged while cooking about 320 – 380 calories…all in…

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P90X3 Review – Block 1 Results and Review

P90X3 Review – Block 1 P90X3 Review – Block 1 Review Check out Block 2’s Review & Results Here Check out Block 3’s Review & Results Here As some of you may remember, at the start of P90X3 I had my concerns – specifically, I…

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The 7 Minute Workout : Part 3, The Review

The 7 Minute Workout Review As stated in Part Two of this series, I did “The Scientific 7-Minute Workout” the other day.  I really wanted to know how much of an aerobic exercise and calorie burn the workout would give you.  So, to get “real” scientific results,…

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