What is that smell….?  The future my dear friends…and it smells AMAZING.

So, if you remember my rant a while back about the iWatch and how Apple should’ve long ago been in the smart watch game you’d know I am very passionate about this topic.  And, that passion just increased 10 fold.

Apple had been rumored, for a while now, to be exploring curved glass designs.  But  for what?  Their new office has curved glass design everywhere…and anyone who is anyone in the curved glass world (or architecture) knows that stuff is extremely expensive.


But so what?  Everyone knows Apple drops some serious change on their stores so their headquarters being expensive is nothing new…but curved glass on your wrist….now that is something worth discussing.

The word on the street is that Apple is running a number of experiments with curved glass for a future iWatch.  How much glass…the entire watch…just the interface?  I don’t know, but the sound of it rings comfort in my ears.

It is too soon to say much more than I’ve already said in my previous post about the iWatch, but it’s never too soon to dream my friends.

So, dream of a curved piece of glass communicating from your wrist to your phone, your tablet, your computer, your car, and your cloud – in other words, your life.  And yes WHBIV – I am completely fine with this!

Yeah, a lot of kids and young adults these days don’t wear watches, but I for one, have rocked the watch from an early age and see the world wearing smart watches by 2015…is that too much to ask?  I thought not.

Yeah, the future iWatch might not do as much as the Omnitrix, but all I want it to do is track my workouts and communicate with my phone…and the cloud…and my car…okay, okay, I want it to do a lot but I don’t need it to turn me into 10 different powered aliens…though I think Apple could make it happen if they put their mind to it.