Weight Loss and you don't have to feel hungry!

WEIGHT LOSS…not a hunger strike!

First and foremost – Weight Loss DOES NOT MEAN BEING HUNGRY!


So, what’s the equation for losing weight?

Calories Consumed  < Calories Used

In other words, you need to use more calories than you eat.


That is it?!

No…there’s actually a bit more to it, but that’s been the general consensus for nearly over 50 years now.  If you just make sure to consume less calories than you use, yes, you may lose weight for the time being but you may not.  I mean calories do come into play when trying to get as cut as possible, but if you’re looking to lose weight, get healthy, and keep it off long term – the key is in reseting and getting your hormones in line!



STEP ONE : Find the right diet for you (for 90% of my clients that happens to be a Low Carb High Fat or Ketogenic Diet)

STEP TWO : Find the right workout routine

STEP THREE : Get enough sleep (minimum of 7 hours)

STEP FOUR : Learn to handle and/or reduce stress



You can’t just go out and do whatever you think might work. Even if your a seasoned exerciser, if you are at a plateau, or not seeing the desired results, you have to change your workout regimen. And, luckily for you, the workouts on this site WILL make it happen for anyone who sticks to the programs (eating plans + workouts).

I lost over 75 lbs in a year and half (including a year-long plateau) and lost the first 55 lbs. without ever feeling hungry. The second 20 lbs. were achieved via Intermittent Fasting which, I am not going to lie, was pretty hard for the first two weeks, BUT, you don’t have to use IF if it’s not for you – though I’d strongly recommend you try it out! If IF works for you it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


So, how did I do it?

In 3 different stages

STAGE 1 : 40 lbs. in 60 days

STAGE 2 : 15 lbs. in 45 days

STAGE 3 : 20 lbs. in 45 days