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Pull-Up Bars

P90X + P90X2 + P90X3

One of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need period!  There is not enough I can say about the pull-up to express how important it is to any workout regimen.  That being the case please get the pull-up bar that works best for you.  I have a dear friend that created his own pull-up station by hanging bars from his rafters.  Another friend has a squat rack, and yet another has a dip station, but I don’t have any of those luxuries.  So, I went with a pull-up bar you could use with standard doorframes (which I assume everyone has in their home).  Beachbody sales their own specially designed pull-up bar but I found the Iron Gym Xtreme Bar for about half the price and it works perfectly.I really have no complaints at all with the Iron Gym Xtreme Bar and certainly recommend it.



  • Make sure your doorframe is LESS than 36″ or the standard-out-of-the-box bar WILL NOT work.
  • Make sure to add some sort of padding between your bar and the door’s frame/trim or you’ll damage the doorframe.


Push-Up Bars

P90X + P90X2 + P90X3

P90X chest development is all about push-ups, and if you’d like to get the most out of every push-up I would highly recommend getting push-up bars.  As I’ve mentioned a number of times on this site, I didn’t believe you could develop a well-rounded chest without weights…that is until P90X made me a believer…and I believe the push-up stands helped.  In reality, you could probably use your dumbbells as substitutes for a pair of push-up bars, but the bars give you an extra height that allows you to go deeper into the push-up for a bigger range of motion and much better results.  There are a number of reasons you could skip this piece of equipment, but there are just as many reasons to get them (like substituting them in the place of Yoga Blocks and helping with wrist pain).


So, spend the $10 I spent on Gold’s Gym’s Push-Up Bars and I guarantee more results + less injury than if you skipped out on this piece of equipment.



  • This is an inexpensive-cheaply-made product I purchased to start the P90X program.  I chose this product mainly because of the price point and because I was not sure whether or not I’d end up using them.  Well, I did and then some.
  • After a round and a half of P90X and P90X2 with these bars it’s time for a better-made set of bars.  I’ll update this product review soon, but for the time being – they’ll do the job!


Resistance Bands

P90X + P90X2 + P90X3

To be honest with you, I never used the bands in place of weights during P90X or P90X2, but I know they can work wonders because I have used them in the past on many occasions.  Depending on your level of fitness and strength (and/or budget), the bands are a fantastic addition to any equipment room.  A major reason to buy a set of resistance bands is because they fit inside any travel bag – so, if your on the move or going out of town…NO EXCUSES to not get a good resistance workout in.


Another main reason you might want to get a set of bands is because you might not be able to do a pull-up when starting the programs.  My older brother couldn’t so he used the bands for about 5 weeks and when week 6 came around – BOMB!  3 pull-ups.  Just remember, when using the bands to reach the goal of doing an actual pull-up, you have to use good form and make sure the bands are providing enough resistance to actually help you build the strength you need to eventually do those first few “real” pull-ups.


With this piece of equipment I first bought a blue band from Sports Authority costing about $15 which broke on the 3rd week of continuous use.  I then purchased a set of Gold’s Gym’s Bands for the same price that have lasted over 6 months and are still going strong.



  • Make sure you get a set of bands that have the right range of resistance you’ll need.  Some exercises require more weight than others and some less weight.  The point is you want to make sure you have the right band for the right exercise.
  • The nature of bands allows you to get less or more resistance with the same band depending on the amount of slack you allow in the band.  So, if you find the band is too light or too heavy, don’t switch bands right away!  Play with the amount of slack your giving the band (making it tighter/heavier or looser/lighter) before you decide whether or not it’s time for a different band.


Yoga Mats

P90X + P90X2 + P90X3 | Yoga

I have yet to find a Yoga Mat I really like.  I have purchased a number of mats that either get too slippery (once you start sweating), start deforming after rolling up a few times, or start crumbling/chipping (for lack of a better term) after a few sessions.

So, instead of recommending a specific type, I think it’d be better to list a number of considerations when purchasing a Yoga Mat.


  • Thickness – you’ll be on the floor a lot during Yoga (and a number of other workouts) so make sure you have adequate cushion for your back, knees, and hips which may actually browse a lot during certain routines.
  • Material – Rubber or PVC?  Each have their own pros and cons…and funk, so if smell, sweat, and feel are biggies for you make sure to think about this.
  • Size – mats come in a number of lengths so make sure you get one thats long enough for your height.
  • Durability – you’ll probably end up using your mat for more than Yoga during P90X and P90X2 so make sure the mat you get can handle a number of uses.
  • Style – care to customize…why not?  Checkout Yogamatic.

Yoga Block | P90X + P90X2 + P90X3, Yoga

To be honest with you this is a piece of equipment I originally skipped out on during most of my first round of P90X. I ended up using my push-up stands/bars in place of a Yoga block. But, about half way into Phase 2, I got serious about Yoga and spent the 10 or so dollars on an actually Yoga block. There are a number of brands, materials, and looks out there but I really believe any of them will most likely fit the bill. A Yoga Block is really just an extension used as support (or for more of a reach) during Yoga. Either way, it is a crucial part of helping you develop the right form, technique, and strength to continuously progress your Yoga game.

Again, I went the inexpensive route and got this Gold’s Gym Yoga Block….but, if you’d like to step up your Yoga Block game I’d recommend some of the wooden blocks…those can be very beautiful.


Heart Rate Monitor – Watch

P90X + P90X2 | Cross-Training | Running

This is a piece of equipment crucial to P90X and to making sure you lose weight.  I had never really gotten into using a heart rate monitor before, but to be honest with you, if you do not have one then YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT CHANGING YOUR LIFESTYLE.  The market is saturated with heart monitors and to pick the right one is a pretty daunting task.  I spent number of days researching the type of monitor that would be right for me.  And when I thought I had found the right one, I bought it, took it for a test spin, and returned it for another.  This cycle occurred a few times before I found the one I liked….which also happened to be the least expensive.

I finally went with the Sportline S7 for a number of reasons listed below.  It’s not a very cool looking watch…but to get a cool-looking heart rate monitor watch you’d be dishing out $300…and, being a first-time user of a heart rate monitor, I didn’t know if I was ready for that investment.  Either way, the Sportline S7 does the job, and does it well, for under $35.


  • No extra chest strap or additional monitoring device needed.
  • Feels good on the wrist
  • Simple one button heart rate checker (though you do have to hold the button down for a bit to get the reading).
  • Works while sweating – this can be an issue with these types of watches but the  Sportline S7 does a very good job.

Heart Rate Monitor – Chest Strap

P90X + P90X2 + P90X3 | Cross-Training | Running

Once you’re ready to invest in a more expensive piece of equipment – start to check out the more advanced heart rate monitor/watches. Though they can record information like route, time, elevation, and heart rate…most of them need extra external devices to actually measure these results. So, do your research and see which watch will work best for you…if you feel ready to take this route.

You see, you don’t have to buy a watch if you don’t want to, but I am a strong believer in data, results, and staying motivated.  So, from time to time , I purchase new workout equipment for both; better data collection and as I treat to myself or to simply stay motivated.  So, after doing my research for a couple of weeks I went with the MotoACTV and decided to pair it with the Wahoo Blue HR Heart Rate Monitor.  The Wahoo Blue HR Heart Rate Monitor actually works with a number of watches and your iPhone4s or iPhone5 which is a great option for the times my watch isn’t charged or I just don’t feel like wearing a watch.  This being said though, I do highly recommend wearing the watch on runs…more on this later.


  • Bluetooth compatible!
  • Works great with the iPhone5 and the MotoACTV.
  • Comes with a free iPhone App to keep track of workouts.
  • Does not lose connectivity while running under power lines.
  • Comfortable fit on chest.
  • Does not waste batter while not in use – if the strap in not attached to monitor the device turns off…so you don’t have to remember to turn of the device which can save a lot of battery.
  • Batteries – everyday-easy-to-find watch batteries.
  • Easy to clean.



P90X + P90X2 + P90X3 | Cross-Training

There are a number of choices out there when it comes to dumbbells. Some people like the adjustable dumbbell rack (which I think is nothing but an accident waiting to happen) for the space saving quality, but I like the old school one-piece-solid weight route.

After much research and calling around, I found that Walmart actually had the best deal on CAP Dumbbells. You can actually order them online and, at no extra cost, and have them shipped to a local store for pickup. I personally bought 5’s,10’s,15’s,20’s,25’s, and 35’s, but below is a list of weights I believe everyone should have in their arsenal depending on their experience level:


2 Fives

2 Tens

2 Fifteens

2 Twenties

2 Twenty-Fives


2 Thirties

2 Thirty-Fives

Heavier Lifters:

2 Forties

2 Forty-Fives

2 Fifties


Floor Mats

No matter where exactly you’ll be working out (living room with carpet, tile, or wood floor…or your concrete garage) some sort of floor protection will be a good investment. I originally bought Gold’s Gym High Impact Flooring in hopes of being able to use it as both a workout mat and a Yoga mat, but I can’t really use it for either.

After the first workout session I realized I would not be able to use the mats as I originally intended because they slide on my hardwood floor. Then, during my fist Yoga session I quickly noticed that the puzzle connection was coming apart during every downward dog.

So, though the mats aren’t great for a “floating” application (though I would recommend them for a fixed setup  – i.e., if you have a specific room you are going to cover from wall to wall or some floor you plan to affix the mats to). I ended up using the mats as my weight rack…I don’t have a rack so I leave my weights in the corner of my living room (behind the Lazy Boy) on top of a 2′ X 2′ section of the puzzle mat.



P90X + P90X2 | Cross-Training | Running

Shoes are actually extremely more important than many people give them credit for…I mean, I know we all know we need shoes, but not all kicks are made the same…nor are they for the same purpose.

From blisters to chin splints to foot pain, shoes can prevent or contribute to a number of injuries that’ll have you preforming at 70% or not at all. So, do your research, know how you to plan to use the shoes, and finally try them on at the store! Though the store might not have the exact style you like, make sure you try on the model at your local store before purchasing a pair online.

After many, many, many years of owning and trying out a number of brans, makes, and styles, I have finally come to the decision that, for me, NIKE SHOX are the best multi-purpose cross-training shoes out there.


  • Snug fit at first, but WILL break in nicely to your foot.
  • Great for all P90X + P90X2 workouts.
  • A bit heavy but still perfectly okay to run in.
  • Good ankle and foot support.
  • Durable – each pair I’ve owned last about a year (working out 5 days a week and running 20 miles a week).


Medicine Balls

P90X2 | Cross-Training

Medicine balls are weighted balls used for a number of exercises.  In P90X2 they are mainly used as a tool to make push-ups harder, but med balls can be used to develop the core in a a number of explosive-type training moves.  I have yet to find medicine balls a really like or would recommend, so see if you can’t see a few samples at your local sporting goods store before purchasing some.

Medicine balls do come in different materials (some are leather and others rubber) and weights.  So, make sure you get the right finish and weight for you.

For P90X2 I’d recommend buying at least 3 balls (2 of the same weight and 1 of a heavier weight).  I personally purchased two 8 lbs balls and one 10 lbs ball.


  • Come in different materias and weights.
  • If you want to be able to control/adjust the ball’s give/squashability, make sure you can pump up the balls you buy.


Foam Roller


Myofascial what? Myofascial release is a crucial part of P90X2 and should become an integral part of everyone’s workout regimen. From extreme pain/discomfort to absolutely no pain…after weeks of doing it that is. Myofascial Release is like a deep tissue massage that actually helps stretch and workout the kinks in your body’s fascia system.

The fascia system is a single unified system that connects all your body parts. And, because it connects everything, tightness in your hips could lead to knee problems or tightness in our tris could cause added pressure to your elbows.

Whatever the case may be, the point is that, for overall better performance and results, you need to focus on messages and working out the kinks in your fascial system. Doing so WILL improve recovery, mobility, and results.  

So, make sure to purchase your foam roller….do not skip this peace of equipment, especial if you have current issues in any joints.


  • Available in a few sizes…if you can afford it, I’d recommend a longer roller.



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