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Stop Procrastinating – “Why Monday?”

Stop Procrastinating – “Why Monday?” Why Monday? This is actually a much more important and profound question than you might think. “Why Monday?” Every time someone is going to start a change in their life it seems to fall on a Monday…but why? Yeah, I…

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Holiday Weight Gain – Help Avoid The Inevitable

Holiday Weight Gain – Help Avoid The Inevitable The Holiday’s have arrived!  Lucky for us Sergeant Volkin is back with another guest post.  This time the creator of Strength Stack 52 is sharing a few tips on how to help keep those extra pounds we…

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Depression and Stress – Fight The Funk!

Getting Out Of The Funk – Depression and Stress The Funk For the most part I like to keep this blog very positive and proactive, but there are times in life we all find ourselves in a bit of a funk.  Now, lucky for me,…

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P90X3 – Preview It’s Coming

P90X3 – IT’S COMING AND COMING QUICK The sneak peek of P90X3 (see below) is now available and it seems like even more people are about to join the bandwagon. The number one “reason” (not to call it a flat out excuse) people tell me…

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Dealing With Running Pains

Running Pains I’ve been running at least 4 days a week now for the last 3 or so years and the number one thing I’ve learned is to deal with running pains. You see, running pains accompany about 95% of all runs. Be it a…

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10 Unbelievable Diet Rules Backed by Science…and X-GAINS!!! FYI – IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING X-GAINS YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL 10 OF THEM! The other morning Niña sent me an article around 2 am and woke up two hours later (at 4 am that same morning)…

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Knowing When To Press Pause

Knowing When To Press Pause For over a year now I have been doing P90X + P90X2 workouts and HAD NEVER HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON…until this past Monday that is. If you have ever done a P90X or P90X2 workout then you’ve probably heard Tony…

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Are You Really Too Skinny?

Are You Really Too Skinny…Or Do You Just Need New Clothes? Is There a Too Skinny? I know some of you out there might be thinking, “uhm…No! I mean unless your sickly looking, you can’t be too skinny.” Well my friends, I for one, completely…

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Junk Food – What’s In A Name?

Junk Food The other day I had a close friend of mine ask me how I was going to maintain my weight loss and health if all I ever did was eat junk food? My response was as follows; “First and foremost, I do not…

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4 Caveats To Intermittent Fasting and LeanGains

4 Caveats To Intermittent Fasting and LeanGains TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? LeanGains approach to Intermittent Fasting is a pretty amazing approach to eating, so amazing I can honestly say it changed my life.  I have been following a 18/6 LeanGains approach (18 hours fasted…

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