Stop Procrastinating – “Why Monday?”

Why Monday?

This is actually a much more important and profound question than you might think.

“Why Monday?”

Every time someone is going to start a change in their life it seems to fall on a Monday…but why?

Yeah, I mean I am not an idiot, I know it’s the start of the week…I get that…and I personally lived by this mantra…until about 20 minutes ago.

I was talking to a guiding force in my life, someone who loves watching and talking about how awesome the TV shows he watches are…which would be fine…if it weren’t for the fact that he watches every TV show.

Nonetheless, it just so happens between TV-show talk we actually got to talking about motivation, goals, and starting commitments (i.e., we started talking about “Why Monday?”).

Why do all resolutions start on Mondays when they could start RIGHT NOW!

What, you got plans…?  So what!  You’ll have plans the following Monday.

It’s the start of the week?  Okay, but right now is the start of the rest of your life!

So again, why Monday?


Monday’s Importance

Monday does seem like the most logical time to start something new right? I mean it’s the start of a new week so lets start something new…at the start of the week.  Believe me, I get it – Monday’s importance is irresistible.

As a matter of fact Monday even supersedes the New Year for heaven sakes.

Think about it for a minute.  When exactly do you start that New Years resolution?

That New Year’s first Monday!

So, what ends up happening?  Most of us pray for New Year’s eve to fall on a Tuesday so we can procrastinate another 6 days before starting the rest of our life.

Well my friends, TOMORROW STARTS NOW!


Monday Is Our Crutch  

The future is now.  This is something we all know but really don’t take as serious as we should…especially when it comes to making lifestyle changes.

I know a lot of people actually take “Monday” very serious, but the simple fact is that most of us just think we take Monday “seriously” when we really just use it as a crutch.  I my self I have been guilty of this countless times.  “I’ll start (insert awesome life changing and/or not so life changing but still important plan here) on Monday.”  But then Monday roles around and I’m still so far away from when I’d like to make that change actually happen…and then Tuesday comes and…LIKE MAGIC…another MONDAY AWAITS!  Man…no wonder we all love Monday!

So, we all love Monday, our own personal crutch.  But what is more important, clutching onto to Monday or getting Results?  That was, incase y’all ain’t gettin’ the tone of this post, a rhetorical question.

RESULTS should trump Monday any day of the week…especially on Mondays!

You see, the problem with Monday is that there will be another next week, and the week after that, and the week after that.  There are an endless-finite number of Mondays for you to start the rest of your life, but why not start it now?


Same Old Monday or Brand New Results

By all means if you are truly self-motivated, and/or if you are reading this on a Sunday afternoon, start Monday. 

But if you’re like the rest of us, just waiting for Tuesday to bail us out of yet another week, start tomorrow!

Better yet, START RIGHT NOW!

Bump Monday and her promise of change.  Forget all about Monday’s wondrous false hopes and plans.  Yeah, she is a seductive mistress…but look where Dirty Diana got MJ – locked out his home with no keys.



So, if you happen to leave learning only one new thing today, know that Monday is not the rest of your life, now is!….or just that Michael Jackson is awesome!


By Rolando Rodriguez