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HOLIDAY FASTING – INTERMITTENT FASTING BY ANOTHER NAME IF YOU CAN FAST FOR TURKEY…YOU CAN FAST EVERYDAY I don’t know how many of us are actually aware of this little tidbit, so I thought I’d share – most of us fast on Thanksgiving! I couldn’t tell…

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Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe

Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe  I know you guys know I love NIÑA’S KITCHEN so, in honor of tomorrow, I thought I’d share the recipe for…. ….THE BEST SWEET POTATO SOUFFLE EVER…. Okay, in the interest of being a bit more politically correct (just for good measure), lets…

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Staying Committed – The Tip

STAYING COMMITTED Commitments – Sticking To Them We all know it’s hard staying committed…to anything really…especially working out.  Life just seems to always get in the way.  When life does end up giving us a break that’s exactly what we’d like to do with it…

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Stop Procrastinating – “Why Monday?”

Stop Procrastinating – “Why Monday?” Why Monday? This is actually a much more important and profound question than you might think. “Why Monday?” Every time someone is going to start a change in their life it seems to fall on a Monday…but why? Yeah, I…

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Holiday Weight Gain – Help Avoid The Inevitable

Holiday Weight Gain – Help Avoid The Inevitable The Holiday’s have arrived!  Lucky for us Sergeant Volkin is back with another guest post.  This time the creator of Strength Stack 52 is sharing a few tips on how to help keep those extra pounds we…

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Depression and Stress – Fight The Funk!

Getting Out Of The Funk – Depression and Stress The Funk For the most part I like to keep this blog very positive and proactive, but there are times in life we all find ourselves in a bit of a funk.  Now, lucky for me,…

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