There is a lot of info out there telling people why the ketogenic diet is so dangerous…but what drives me mad is when that same info contradicts itself and people somehow don’t notice.

From spots on national television demonizing the ketogenic diet to articles on the web telling people why they shouldn’t try a keto diet, ketosis is constantly being painted as a scary approach to dieting.  Be it because of the “carbs you need”, or because it is “an unsustainable” approach to eating (i.e. not a diet one can stick to the rest of their life), BOTH OF WHICH ARE COMPLETELY FALSE STATEMENTS, people tend to fear, and sadly spread fear about, the ketogenic diet and/or being in ketosis.

The truth is a ketogenic diet is both perfectly healthy for almost everyone but more importantly, can be the healthiest diet for many people suffering from a variety of different metabolic and mental disorders.  Sadly, too many people go around thinking we need to eat carbs to strive, let alone survive, and for reasons I do not understand they’ll only believe articles and “experts” that share their same opinion on the matter.


According to many of the articles and “experts” out there I should most certainly be dead.  


I have been following the ketogenic diet for 11 months out the year for nearly the last 4 years and I am as healthy as I have ever been.  That is why whenever I get the chance to spread the good word about keto, and shed some light on misleading info, I do 🙂


So please sit back and enjoy my video response to the Mayo Clinic’s take on the ketogenic diet.