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Can You Really? Breakfast Edition 1.0

Can You Really? “Do You Really Eat That Much?” The other day I got an e-mail from a reader suggesting that the human body cannot ingest 5,000 calories in a single day, let alone an 8 hour fed state.  This got me thinking about how…

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Hugh Jackman’s Core Lesson – Recuperating From A Back Injury

The Wolverine So, I am sure we all know about Weapon X and one of its most famous projects, but just incase we don’t … Weapon X is a Canadian government genetic research facility created to produce genetically enhanced human weapons.  Weapon X executed a…

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CAN P90X REALLY HELP PREVENT INJURY…? The Day I Skipped YogaX After almost 16 months of not having even the slightest injury/muscle tweak due to weight lifting it finally happened – I pulled my back giving my kids a bath while on vacation two weeks…

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Get ULTRA RIPPED with Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel Workout

A few weeks ago we posted HOW TO SUP-UP YOUR WORKOUT with Mark Twight’s Tailpipe (a superset created to prepare Henry Cavill’s body to become The Man of Steel.  Well, today we are in for a treat because our guest post is going to actually reveal…

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