5 Delicious NEW Egg Fast Recipes

Thinking about trying out the ketogenic egg fast (a.k.a., the keto egg diet, the keto egg fast)?

Already on it the keto egg diet but tired of it?

Already tried it and got bored with it?

Not on the ketogenic egg fast BUT you still love eggs and your looking for new was to enjoy their deliciousness?
Whatever the case may be, here are 5 delicious recipes to try out for people on, or thinking about starting, the keto egg fast/diet…or anyone else who loves eggs as much as I do!
To be honest, even though I truly enjoy eating my eggs every time it’s time to eat, I can understand how some people (like my wife) can begin to lose their will not only to eat, but to live, while following a strict ketogenic egg fast or diet.
So, to break up the monotony of eating the exact same thing over and over and over again, I thought I’d reach out to El Moodie Foodie to see if he could come up with a few quick and easy keto egg diet recipes to share…and he came through like a champ!
In this video, El Moodie Foodie (who happens to be my twin brother) shows 5 simple and delicious was to make eggs anyone (following the ketogenic egg diet or not) can follow.
So, check out the video and, if you enjoyed the video, please be sure to checkout EL MOODIE FOODIE’S blog for more!