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Diet Vs. Exercise – Exercise CAN CHANGE Your Eating Habits

Diet Vs. Exercise – Exercise Will Change Your Eating Habits Why Even Exercise? So, as we learned in the last post, when it comes to losing weight, focusing on one’s diet can be more beneficial than focusing on one’s workout.  We also learned that as…

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DIET VS. EXERCISE – For Weight Loss?

DIET VS. EXERCISE – What’s More Important For Weight Loss? DIET OR EXERCISE? I have been asked the same question countless times over the years – “I am trying to lose weight…so what is more important, diet or exercise?” And, to be perfectly honest, my…

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THE SECRET TO RESULTS  – A 3 STEP GUARANTEE   FIRST THING’S FIRST – NEGATIVITY DOES NOTHING! “I can’t do that…I don’t think I can…That is impossible….No way…That’s not for me…” the list goes on and on….and on and on…and I just keep getting more…

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The Secret To Relaxation

The Secret To Relaxation – How Tee-Ball Changed My Life   THE MOMENT Much like a lot of people with my personality type, my mind is always going…and I mean always! So much so, it takes my wife to pull me back into the moment. …

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