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Making Time To Exercise

Making Time To Exercise I get a lot of people asking me how do I find time to workout? Well, first I address the question before addressing the answer. You see, I don’t find time to workout – I make time to workout. If everyone,…

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iSlap – Say What!

I kid you not, “from old-school playa’s to new-school fools,” slap-wrist band’s might be back in a whole new way for all you playa’s and/or fools.  Yeah, old school stuff always comes back in fashion, but this fad is about to be back for good….

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The Fight – Beautiful You Event Tonight

What is beauty? We could get into an artistic, architectural, political, or social theoretical debate that would last for weeks…or we could keep it simple.  So, for the sake of a shorter blog post, and to get to the point I am trying to make…

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Glass Glasses

“Jarvis, boot up and set course to New York.” “Okay Tony, how fast would you like to get there?” Okay, “Glass” may not be there quite yet but it sure does seem a lot cooler than Siri….and, let’s face it, glasses are in now-a-days…especially if…

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Armour39…It’s Coming!

Armour39 Under Armour is entering the personal-fitness-tracking game with Armour39 – it’s new chest-strap + watch combo (each sold separately of course….though this is seriously how it’s done in this emerging market).  So, how much will the entire package set you back? $350.00 ($149.00 for…

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Boost Your Run

As I started my run yesterday I thought to myself, “I’m not really feeling too hot today so I think I’ll take it slow and steady.” And then, right as I left my neighborhood it started to sprinkle and I thought to myself, “Nice, if…

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The Future Is Even Closer

What is that smell….?  The future my dear friends…and it smells AMAZING. So, if you remember my rant a while back about the iWatch and how Apple should’ve long ago been in the smart watch game you’d know I am very passionate about this topic. …

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Sunday Morning Flyness

The other day my older brother sent me some awesome workout videos from the 80’s and one of my favorites, by far, was of a dance team in the late 80’s. That got me thinking…how long…if ever…will it take before ABDC’s dance crews look dated?…

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Saturday Morning Dopeness

First and foremost, my life’s been a bit crazy this last month and half. From being sick for over a week to switching jobs and starting my own full-time gig to family and friend’s having babies and get togethers, it’s been none stop for a…

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