I kid you not, “from old-school playa’s to new-school fools,” slap-wrist band’s might be back in a whole new way for all you playa’s and/or fools.  Yeah, old school stuff always comes back in fashion, but this fad is about to be back for good.  That is if the iWatch is really about to be the iSlap…wrist watch.

If you’re from the 90’s then you know exactly what I am talking about when I mention slap-wrist bands.  I personally dug them, and still do.  So what if the wrap started to break exposing the metal structure underneath?  Yeah it poked, pinched, hurt, and itched a good bit – sometimes being fashionable hurts….but not for long!

Apparently an Apple patient application reveals Apple is seriously thinking about this – A GLASS SLAP-BAND WOULD BE DOPE! 


So get in line my 90’s crew – not only do we have the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES back in a brand new way…we’ll soon have slap-wrist bands back too!