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The Top 5 Apple iWatch Must Haves

The 5 Apple iWatch Must Haves The iWatch – The Wearable Revolution Perfected? Though the “wearable” revolution is nothing new, Apple has yet to join the game…but this should come as no surprise. Since the company’s start, to the powerhouse it’s become since the original iPod,…

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30 Day Full Body Core Workout

The 30 Day Full Body Core Workout  Here is a 30 Day Full Body Core Plan meant to tone and strengthen the entire body via core-based moves. The key to this routine is to make sure your core is fully engaged in each and every…

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5 Steps To A Stronger You

5 Steps To A Stronger You How To Be Stronger I am constantly hearing people talk about how they “can’t do this” or “can’t do that.”  So much so I thought I’d share 5 simple steps, that if followed, WILL LEAD TO A STRONGER YOU….

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P90X3 Review – Block 1 Results and Review

P90X3 Review – Block 1 P90X3 Review – Block 1 Review Check out Block 2’s Review & Results Here Check out Block 3’s Review & Results Here As some of you may remember, at the start of P90X3 I had my concerns – specifically, I…

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P90X3 Review – Block 1, The Approach

P90X3 Review – Approach In Action P90X3 Review – Block 1 In The Books So, Round 1, or, as it’s properly referred to in the P90X3 Program, Block 1 of P90X3 is in the books.  This means I’m about 1/3 of the way down with…

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P90X3 Review – 5 Steps To Starting P90X3

P90X3 Review – The Approach, 5 Steps To Starting P90X3 P90X3 Review – The X-Gains Approach As I find myself 2 days away from finishing, and reviewing, Block 1 of P90X3 I have decided to write a bit about the approach I decided to take…

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Learning A New Habit – 1, 2, 3

Learning A New Habit In 3 Steps 5,200 Workouts And Counting  “Do you really do it year round?” “Yeah, I really do.” “Why? How?” This exact conversation goes down about 90% of the time someone finds out that I have been working out 5-6 days…

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