The 5 Apple iWatch Must Haves

The iWatch – The Wearable Revolution Perfected?

Though the “wearable” revolution is nothing new, Apple has yet to join the game…but this should come as no surprise.

Since the company’s start, to the powerhouse it’s become since the original iPod, Apple never really ventured or ventures into new markets.  Instead, Apple is known for waiting around, studying and learning from what does and does not work.  Then, right when we all think the market is saturated with the same product, Apple comes in with a “new” same product – but a “new” product which has perfected that same product.

Think about it for a second.

Phones, touch screens, music players, personal handheld devices were nothing new when the iPhone came out…but there was still nothing quite like the iPhone.  The iPhone perfected them all – something I hope the iWatch will do.

So, with all the buzz around the iOS8, the iPhone 6, and the iWatch I thought I’d share my Top 5 Must Haves any self-respecting iWatch will have.


1. Native All In One Health + Fitness App

 With Apple’s recent bio-health-tech expert hires it seems like this “Must Have” may actually be driving the new iOS8 and iPhone and I hope translates into driving the iWatch design and function.

Though we find ourselves “wearing” our iPhones/iPods/iPads on our sleeves, Apple has yet to make a true “wearable,” which, by all accounts, might be the biggest emerging market in recent history.

To be a bit more specific, the current market for today’s “wearable revolution” is mainly in the health/fitness arena.  That being said, the arena is practically bursting at it’s seems with startups popping up every other hour.  And, though a bit behind the curve, I think we can all agree that there’s always enough room for Apple.

So, if Apple is serious about dominating the “wearables” market, as they do almost every other market they have recently entered, the iWatch MUST HAVE A BUILT IN ALL IN ONE HEALTH + FITNESS APP.


This App should (at a minimum);

1. Have an amazing/addictive and easy-to-use interface

2. Monitor Biometrics such as, but not limited to, BMI, Heart Rate, Sleep Patterns, etc.

3. Track a variety of different exercise routines ranging from Running to Weight Training to Yoga to Golf to Interval Training to whatever you like to do to burn some calories.



2. Audio/Video Player

One would think this goes without saying, but we all know what happens when we assume, so, just to be safe, I’ll say it, “The iWatch should come equipped with an audio and video player.”

This player, specifically the audio player, should communicate with the aforementioned iWatch’s NATIVE Health App to gather data such as;

1. Your “getting started” song

2. Your “hype” song/songs (i.e., the songs that make your run faster, lift more, go harder, etc.)

3. Your “calming/recoup/cool-down” songs

The above data can all be gathered via GPS and Motion and Bio Sensors alongside what songs are currently playing.

This means, if the iWatch keeps track of what songs make you run faster, your heart rate speed up or slow down, do more pull-ups, etc., a “genius” play list can populate itself for different exercise activities…and that would be dope.

For example, you’d have a unique play list “genius-ly” created for running vs. weight lifting vs. biking vs. rollerblading vs. batting practice vs. boxing vs. cross training vs. interval training vs….etc…you get the point…all while doing your regularly scheduled activities and listening to your regular scheduled playlists.


3. Wifi/LTE + GPS + Bluetooth + Motion Sensor

Another no brainer, but for the same afore mentioned reason, I’ll say it, “The iWatch should be Wi-Fi/LTE, GPS, Bluetooth, and Motion Data enabled.”

The reasons for this are pretty self-explanatory in today’s modern world but the need for fast and reliable Internet and GPS are crucial.

For starters, no one likes when the cloud cuts out in the middle of a run (as a matter of fact one of my first blog posts covered this topic), nor having the GPS or Bluetooth connection go out in your cross country or short-2-mile run.

Having your Internet/GPS/Bluetooth connection go out in the middle of an activity in which your are trying to get in the “zone” and/or tracking your progress is one of the most frustrating things I can think of…I mean for crying out loud, as my dear friend Jonesy would always say, “We put a fuc*ing man on the moon!”

But built-in-tether-free connectivity is not only about staying connected!  For me there is one crucial added benefit to not having to tether the new iWatch – WATERPROOF-NESS!


4. Waterproof-ness

Yeah, I know, I am not a triathlete, and no, I no longer regularly…nor occasionally…swim for exercise (which is awesome for you by the way), but I do occasionally run in the rain and I do go to the pool quite often during the summer and I do go to the beach at least two weeks a year…and I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO SWIM AND SHOWER WITH MY iWATCH.

In my opinion this is a crucial selling point for the hardcore athletes out there…not saying I am one of them…just saying that’s a market the smart watches have yet to really tap into.

Okay, I know I might be overlooking the need to connect to actually charge the device, but I’m I really?  I mean come on Apple, don’t know if you’ve heard or not but we did “put a man on the moon” and I’ve heard of technology out there to charge our devices tether free.


5. Built-In Heart Rate Monitor 



The Water-Proof-Must-Have is a wish, but the built-in heart rate monitor is CRUCIAL and will be A GAME CHANGER.


I am sick of having to wear extra devices to monitor my heart… I mean do we not wear a watch in the exact location doctors take our pulse?