Running Under The Cloud

I love the idea of being able to access pretty much any song under the sun via the cloud, but when it comes to working out with the cloud, I prefer to be hard wired. You see, nothing is more frustrating then getting half-way pumped up just to be lift hanging for the rush that was about to hit before you lost connectivity. I don’t know, nor do I care to remember, the number of times I’ve been about to turn up the intensity just as my song cuts off! Nor do I care to remember the amount of time wasted trying to reconnect (or even connect at the start of the workout). Regardless of the situation, it is as frustrating and exhausting as standing in line at the DMV or when someone is paying via check…really what year is it – paying by check at a convenience store…not very convenient! Well, it might be a wired analogy but it is the same frustrating waste of time that exhaust you more than the workout itself!

Yeah I just complained about paying with a check and I know the cloud is the future, but credit/debit has at least a 15 years head start. You can do what you like but if you ask me l, I’d make sure my workout playlist were downloaded onto your device and accessible offline. I personally use Spotify which has the option of downloading your playlist to your phone. Yeah, it’s a $ 9.99 a month service but having 1,000’s of songs at your fingertips + having your playlists synced automatically on all your devices is well worth the price. So, no matter service you end up using the point of this service is to remind you to MAKE SURE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR WORKOUT PLAYLIST!!!