5 Steps To A Stronger You

How To Be Stronger

I am constantly hearing people talk about how they “can’t do this” or “can’t do that.”  So much so I thought I’d share 5 simple steps, that if followed, WILL LEAD TO A STRONGER YOU.


1 | Practice Makes Better

No matter how many times you may fail at…well…everything, NEVER stop trying.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my last 31 years on this planet is that no matter how bad we may be at something, as long as we stick to it HUMANS WILL GET BETTER.



2 | Never Pity Yourself

Feeling sorry for yourself will do nothing but invite “The Funk”.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself!

Believe it or not, feeling down in the dumps actually takes more energy than you think.  And the truth is that pitying yourself is continuous!  The more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it, and the easier it’ll become to find excuses to pity yourself.

So stop wasting your own time and energy and find a way “To Fight The Funk!”


3 | Know You ARE Stronger Than You Think

No matter how weak you think you are you CAN GET STRONGER.

Actually, I hope you think you are the weakest person in the world.  As a matter of fact, the weaker you think you are the better.


It’s simple really, the weaker you think you are the stronger you’ll become.

You see, whatever you think your weakness is (be it physical, spiritual, intellectual, etc.), the TRUTH IS that if you work at strengthening those weaknesses YOU WILL GET STRONGER!

Yeah, different people progress at different rates, but DON’T WORRY ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE!

Worry about yourself.  Focus on you getting stronger and you will.

Yeah, IT WON’T HAPPEN NATURALLY!  I mean, to become stronger we have to push ourselves a bit more each and every day.  But rest assured that if you simply push yourself a bit more each and every day it’ll only be a matter of days before you start to feel, and be, stronger.


4 | Know You Are What Matters

 I am a devoted father of three (two boys and one girl), a loving husband, brother, and son and I care about the people in my life with all my heart – and that’s why I know that I am what matters.


You see, if your kids are your life, than that is you.  If your wife is all you need, then she is you.  If you live for others then they are you.

We are all what we make of ourselves, what we make of our lives, the reasons for which we choose to live and go forth.  So, make the best you possible…especially if you are here for others.


5 | Know That Change Is Good

Just think about it this for a minute…the more static we become the closer to death we get….

 …So do anything and everything to continue to progress – to continue to change!

Change your body, change your mindset, change your feelings, change your workouts, change your diet, and change your life!

I don’t care if you are currently truly happy.  The thing is humans get bored after a while.  Be it our love life or our physical health, our bodies, minds, and hormones adjust.  Sooner or later we all become so complacent with our current state of being that our bodies just stop responding to our current stimuli.

From physical training, to our relationships, friendships, diets, etc., our bodies and minds adapt and normalize our daily lives.  This “normalization” can lead to plateaus that may eventually lead to a slippery-downward slope towards a static, unfulfilling life.

So, be it a simple self-acknowledgement to refresh/reset your mindset (i.e., so you don’t find yourself taking your current happy life for granted) or jumping your neighbor’s fence and running across his backyard naked to keep your workouts interesting and exciting, do whatever it takes to keep your mind, body, and soul fresh.

In other words, don’t be afraid of change, good or bad, because, regardless of the results, change is good if only because it makes us stronger…and remember, you’re stronger than you think.