As I started my run yesterday I thought to myself, “I’m not really feeling too hot today so I think I’ll take it slow and steady.” And then, right as I left my neighborhood it started to sprinkle and I thought to myself, “Nice, if it starts to rain I’ll have to air dry my shoes for days just to make sure there’s no funk!” Then I thought myself, “Or I could just go home…? Or, I could just run faster? So much for taking it slow today.” And so, I pushed myself a bit harder all because of a little rain.

This got me thinking about an article I read once in which Matthew McConaughey was being interviewed. I remembered also thinking, as I read the interview, “He’s probably got his shirt off.” There has not been a single McConaughey movie I’ve seen where he doesn’t take off his shirt. Now, I’d be fine with this if there were a reason, but sometimes there is absolutely no reason other than to get him to take his shirt off. I mean sometimes it’s so out of script that I really think it is some type of Hollywood inside joke. Nonetheless, back to my point, in the interview he actually gives some really good pointers on exercise, but specifically running.

Matthew, and yes we are on a first-name basis, talks about how much he runs to stay in shape (both physically and visually). And during his runs he does something I think is pretty ingenious when it comes to boosting your run. You see, some people add interval training into their runs which is a great way to build endurance, speed, and burn some extra calories, but not everyone can find the self-motivation to boost their runs via interval training.

So, what does Matt do that’s so innovative? It’s simple really, and something I am sure will make anyone boost their runs without even trying.

Mr. McConaughey basically trespasses. He cuts through someone’s front, back, or side yard or anywhere else he’s not supposed to be.

I personally think this is an awesome tactic…and the more intrusive the better right?

I mean the more scared you are of getting in trouble the faster you’ll run!

So, no matter what’s your cup of tea, trying to outrun the rain or trespassing, find out what works for you and step your run game up!

Now, to my lady readers – you’re welcome! See below and enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day and a special shout out to Niña (love you!), my Valentine…who should not partake in the video watching for this post!