What is beauty?

We could get into an artistic, architectural, political, or social theoretical debate that would last for weeks…or we could keep it simple.  So, for the sake of a shorter blog post, and to get to the point I am trying to make before you stop reading – BEAUTY IS ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!

And, nothing makes me happier than seeing someone take control of their life and their current situation.  You see, there are so many things in this world we cannot control, so many unforeseen situations or outcomes that fly our way, and what we do to try and cope is what makes us beautiful.  I am extremely serious about this.

I hope I’ve made it clear on this site that it’s not about working out to look good but it’s about working out to take control of your life and feel good – it’s about feeling happy with yourself.  I also believe that if working out is not your cup of tea, then it’s about finding what makes you happy and doing that.   Because a happier you is a healthier, more beautiful you (both psychologically and physically).

Yeah, I started this blog because the weight problem in America has become a very serious health issue.  But it is an issue, unlike others, that we can self-control by fighting back with psychological and physical training that will eventually lead to new lifestyles.  And though the weight thing is a serious struggle America needs to deal with, there are countless other fights that are so out of people’s control that all they can do is fight.  They have no choice because the only other option is giving up.  In these fights you can’t really control the outcome either…all you do is fight and hope.

So, yeah, nothing makes me happier than seeing a 400 lbs. person hit the gym 5 days a week, or the guy with a broken hand doing a leg routine, but nothing is as beautiful as a genuine smile coming from the face of someone who’s fight’s results are completely contingent on hope – someone who has to fight a fight only a selected number of us fight…the fight against cancer.

A number of my family members have battled cancer and what amazes me most is that no matter how hard they fight they stay, and by the end become even more, beautiful!


Because true beauty is hope in the face of struggle, beauty is a smile when there’s nothing left but to smile because you’ve given your all to the fight – a fight I hope we can all come out and support!

Tonight Dr. Greco is hosting the Beautiful You event at Gallery 1526, Dekalb Ave. in Atlanta to raise some much-needed support for the women and families fighting the battle against breast cancer.  The event will take place from 7 – 11pm and will include a Silent Auction on such items as photography sessions, artwork, and other creative pieces.  It is a family friendly event so bring the kids if you can’t find a sitter and come help support The Fight!

Please check out the flyer (designed by the host himself) for more details.