Can You Really?

“Do You Really Eat That Much?”

The other day I got an e-mail from a reader suggesting that the human body cannot ingest 5,000 calories in a single day, let alone an 8 hour fed state.  This got me thinking about how often I hear similar questions starting with “Can you really…”

“Can you really eat close to 5,000 calories in 6 hours?”

“Can you really eat everything you want?”

“I don’t think I believe…can you really eat that much?”

“There is no way. Can you really eat 1 lb. of picadillo per setting…plus a banana?”

Well, my friends, the final straw was broken when I received that e-mail and I figured the only way to make people believe is to show them…and so the “Can You Really?” section of this blog was born!!!!

And It Begins With Breakfast

Though I am sharing a breakfast tale via photos today, I will be video taping a typical dinner and a special breakfast (special because I only eat breakfast a handful of times throughout the year) meal soon to share with the masses…so stay tuned for an X-Gain’s Original Man vs. Food rip-off.

I Don’t Always Eat Breakfast…But When I Do…

As you must know by now, “I don’t always eat breakfast…but when I do…I prefer A FEAST!”  I love breakfast with a passion and giving it up was the single hardest decision I had to make before taking the plunge into the LeanGains lifestyle.  So, I gave up breakfast…but that does not mean I don’t ever break the rules.

Life’s Special Occasions

We all live by our own rules of thumb and general guidelines that make our lifestyle work…but we shouldn’t be so strict we cannot break those rules from time to time, and the rule I love breaking the most is eating breakfast!

So, even though there are only a handful of special occasions where I actually eat breakfast (seriously I think I ate breakfast during “normal” breakfast time only 4 times last year), when those special occasions do come around I go all out.

Go Big or Go Home

So, what does going all out actually look like?

3,200 Calories, 130 grams of Fat, 310 grams of Carbs, and 87 grams of Protein

Yeah, this protein intake is not that high but we are more focused on calorie count for this post than anything else…just added the other specs for reference.

What Does A 3,200 Calorie Breakfast Look Like?


But lets give a tangible example shall we?
Breakfast, Egg Harbor Cafe Jones Creek | X-Gains

A 3,200-calorie breakfast looks like this delicious array.  This specific example shows what I eat when I go to Egg Harbor Café up in Jones Creek near my hood.

What we have here is;

1. Traditional Breakfast + Bacon

(2 Eggs, Harbor Potatoes, English Muffin + Butter, and Bacon)

Calories –       770                Fat –    37.3    Carbs –            54       Proteins –      31.3

2. A Side of Wheat Toast + Butter

Calories –       380                Fat –    4          Carbs –            54       Proteins –      8

3. Banana Bread French Toast

Calories –       741                 Fat –    41.5    Carbs –            84.7    Proteins –      16.8

Pancake Syrup

Calories –       420                 Fat –    0          Carbs –            51       Proteins –      0

4. Georgia Cheese Grits

Calories –       828                 Fat –    46.9    Carbs –            66.4    Proteins –      31.1

5. Coffee with regular Sugar – Not included in total below.


Calories –      3,139               Fat –    129.7   Carbs –       310.1   Proteins –       87.2

Breakfast, Egg Harbor Cafe Jones Creek | X-Gains

So, Can You Eat 5,000 Calories In A Day?

Well, just so you guys know, whenever I eat a breakfast like the one shown above I also eat dinner…and my dinners typically range in the 1,600 – 2,200 calorie range…so YES!

YES, you can eat 5,000 calories a day and keep the calories down (not throw it up).

But please note that I do not get my 5,000 calories from “healthy” food choices.  I get my high calorie count typically from not so “healthy” choices like pancakes, donuts, ice cream, French fries, etc. This actually makes it 1,000 times easier to reach the 5,000 calorie mark.

A lot easier than what?

Well, a lot easier than getting the calories from all “healthy” choices.  A perfect example is Hugh Jackman having to get 5,000 calories from food like spinach and chicken breasts.  Just to give you an idea of how tough that is, one 4 oz. chicken breast has about 100 calories, which means you’d have to eat 200 OUNCES (50 SERVINGS) OF CHICKEN BREAST) to equal 5,000 calories.

Okay, But Can You Eat 5,000 Calories In An 8 Hour Period?

Well my friends, I’ll see your 8 hours and up you 2.  I will document on video myself consuming 5,000 calories in one of my typical-6 hour-fed states.  The only thing I ask you guys to remember is that I do not get all my calories from “healthy” choices because; 1. I am not starring in a movie where I have to be shirtless, 2. It is much easier to consume high calories via “unhealthy” foods, and 3. I do not have any health issues that require me not to eat what I want.

So, stay tuned and you’ll see

A Day In The Life – 5,000 Calories In 6 Hours?

And what about the sequel you ask?

A Day In The Life Part 2 – 5,000 Calories In A Single Sitting?…don’t know if I’ll be able to make this happen.

P.S. – Siesta Key’s Village Café

And just to leave you with one more idea of another breakfast outing…so you can see this is typically how I roll when I do breakfast during regular breakfast hours…see these two images below of what I ate while on vacation in Siesta Keys at the Village Café (pure deliciousness!)

Siesta Keys, Village Cafe Breakfast

Siesta Keys, Village Cafe Breakfast