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Why Yoga? Part 2

Can Yoga Change Your Body Type? Yoga can help you reach your goals, change your body composition, and, in time, can even help you change your body type…whether it’s by accident or on purpose. It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t be easy, but I…

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The Man of Steel – Superman!

June 14th is rapidly approaching…some might say faster than a speeding bullet…and that means The Man of Steel is almost here!     Do not know if you guys are as excited about this as my family and I…but you should be. “The Man of Steel”,…

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The Wolverine – Hugh Jackman Does LeanGains?

Hugh Jackman…and now that I have your attention…used a form of Intermittent Fasting and/or LeanGains to bulk up while staying lean for his upcoming role as Wolverine in his new film “The Wolverine.”  In an interview, Jackman discusses his LeanGains eating style to pack on…

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Why Yoga? | Part 1

Today we have a little treat for you guys – to start off our “Why Yoga?” series we have a guest blog by The Accidental Mrs.  I have personally been doing Yoga, as part of the P90X regiments, for a little over a year now…

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The $30 Total Body Transformation, PHASE 2

  A.K.A. – The Total-Body Pull-Up Routine, Phase 2 Its here! Phase 2 (of 3) of the first X-Gains Original Workout Program. This plan comes from my over 15 years of exercise experience + my recent total-body transformation via the P90X + P90X2 workout routines….

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The 7 Minute Workout : Part 3, The Review

The 7 Minute Workout Review As stated in Part Two of this series, I did “The Scientific 7-Minute Workout” the other day.  I really wanted to know how much of an aerobic exercise and calorie burn the workout would give you.  So, to get “real” scientific results,…

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The 7 Minute Workout : Part 2, The Workout

The 7 Minute Workout – The Moves So, yesterday being my rest day, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out the new “Scientific 7-Minute Workout.”  Because it was my rest day, I thought I’d get more accurate results as opposed to doing…

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The Parisian Diet / Tio Norbert-O’s Rule of Thumb

  The other day I came across a new diet fad (something that seems to happen every few days right?) called the “Parisian Diet.” So, as I normally do, I took a gander at the diet to see what outrageous take on dieting people were…

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The 7 Minute Workout : Part One, The MYTH

The 7 Minute Workout – Is It Real…? Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about “The 7-minute workout” – a “7-minute workout” that improves health in just 7 minutes a day.  I’ve heard so much about the workout that I felt obligated to…

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YUM!!! Smells like DVD!

For today’s tech talk – let’s talk Domino’s….Pizza. A Domino’s Pizza in Brazil teamed up with a local movie rental store to create smell-able DVDs…a.k.a. – 4-D TV! What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that while your DVD movie is playing, the DVD…

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