For today’s tech talk – let’s talk Domino’s….Pizza.

A Domino’s Pizza in Brazil teamed up with a local movie rental store to create smell-able DVDs…a.k.a. – 4-D TV!

What exactly does that mean?

Well, it means that while your DVD movie is playing, the DVD itself starts to smell…like pizza!

How does it work?

The DVD’s are stamped with thermal ink and flavored varnish which “bakes” as the movie is playing.

So, though not normally known for their technological advances, it looks like Domino’s just made the first 4-D TV accessible to all incomes.

And if the smell isn’t cool enough, when you get the DVD’s they are originally black but upon ejection, once the movie is over (and your house officially smells like a Domino’s restaurant), the DVD looks like an actual pizza…and tells you to get some Domino’s next time you’re watching a flick.

Check out the video below.