Under Armour is entering the personal-fitness-tracking game with Armour39 – it’s new chest-strap + watch combo (each sold separately of course….though this is seriously how it’s done in this emerging market).  So, how much will the entire package set you back?

$350.00 ($149.00 for the strap and $ 199.00 for the watch) which is about right…unless you account for the fact that the MotoACTV (for the same price as the watch) is also a music player and has a GPS tracker…which we don’t yet know if the Armour39 has – but it is waterproof!

Now, the sticker price, being that it’s Under Armour, should not be shocking nor is it really out of the range of the leaders in this market…but again, it doesn’t store any amount of music, which, if you can’t tell, is a little bit of a downer for me…but is it really?

No, it actually really isn’t. Why?

Well, being that music is very important to me, and the quality of the music (especially during a workout) is equally as important to me as the music itself, I no longer use my MotoACTV to listen to music during a run or workout.  You see, as I’ve stated before, if I am going to have a workout device giving me real-time readings of my workouts then I’d want that device to be in the easiest most viewable/accessible place on my body during a workout.  And, in my opinion, that location is my wrist.  BUT I DO NOT WANT A HEADPHONE CORD IN THE WAY OF MY WORKOUT SO CONNECTING A HEADPHONE JACK TO MY WRIST IS NOT AN OPTION.  So, Bluetooth headphones, which the MotoACTV connects to was my only option…until I realized the sound of Bluetooth headphones are COMPLETELY NOT ACCEPTABLE in my book.  At the risk of being called an Audiophile, I will go on record stating that Bluetooth Headphones are, in this present time (2013.02.19), NOT an acceptable way of listening to music if you care about the quality of that music….at least I have not found a set so far.

So why the long rant about the headphones?

I say it all simply to state that I currently run with three devices;

  • one for my music – my iPhone strapped to my waist with the headphone cords strategically tucked into my shirt, keeping the cord completely out of my way,
  • my MotoACTV watch which I pair with
  • my Wahoo Heart Monitor for on-the-go, real-time readings of my pace, heart rate, and other misc. data 

Though it is too early to tell if the Armour39 will be able to track as much data points as the MotoACTV currently does, it’s not too early to talk about the pros.


Really, this is a huge deal!

I have been working out, and purchasing workout attire, for over 18 years now and I can, without hesitation or reservation, say that UNDER ARMOUR IS BY FAR THE BEST BRAND OUT THERE!  I am not getting paid to say this but I wholeheartedly believe that UNDER ARMOUR IS WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY AND WILL SAVE YOU MONEY IN THE LONG RUN! 



You can ask Niña how serious I am about this.  I used to buy other less expensive brands, but in the end, not even Nike or New Balance, can hold a stick to Under Armour in the sporting goods clothing department.  From the way it fits to its small design details to its quality to its durability – UNDER ARMOUR IS THE BEST PERIOD!…okay…lets try that again…IS THE BEST EXCLAMATION POINT!

Long story short – I bought 4 Under Armour shirts and 4 pair of shorts and wore/washed them 5 days a week for 10 years before I had to replace them!

Are you freaking kidding me – 10 YEARS!  End of story, I’ll never buy another brand!

So, if Under Armour is entering the heart-rate-chest-strap-watch game you better believe it’ll be worth every penny in terms of comfort, quality, and durability – its already known it’s going to be waterproof…and that sets it right in the serious players’ league!

And that’s not the only plus I see.

Under Armour has some good graphic designers on their team and if any of their skills/style cross over into the App Interface then we’re in store for a treat.

Ohhhhh!!!! And that’s another huge deal that sets it apart from the MotoACTV – iPhone compatibility!

But you say, “What about the MotoACTV already giving you all your readings in one device?”  Well, like I said before, I already use three devices and the one giving all the real-time readings doesn’t communicate with my phone…but if I went with the Armour39 it would!

Yeah, Under Armour is selling this with the gimmick that it will read your “Willpower,” and that is a ton of crap because it’s really a way of saying “we’re analyzing your average heart rate during the workout and telling you how hard you pushed yourself.”  But pretty much all personal fitness-tracking devices worth their weight in salt already measure your average heart rate during the workout….they just don’t call it “Willpower.”

But gimmick all you want – it’s Under Armour and will therefore probably be worth it.