Being the weekend, and my day off from working out, I thought I’d share a post about my family – specifically my son’s birthday party.

My oldest boy turned 4 this year.  His first birthday was all about monkeys, his second was trains, his third was cars, and when asked what he wanted for his 4th birthday he said he wanted something to do with planes.  He said he really liked the playground his Great-Grandmother would take him too and he would love to have his party there (you may not think a 3 year-old would talk like that, but anyone who knows Alejandro knows that’s exactly how he talks).  Anyways, turns out the “airport playground” was an actually an airport playground.

My Great-Grandmother-In-Law lives minutes from the Dekalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK Airport) and frequently takes the boys there when she babysits for us.  Well, it turned out my son loved the playground and seeing the planes.  The airplanes take off, land, and are parked about 100 feet from the playground so the kids get to see all the action while swinging, sliding, and running around.

The party itself turned out to be a blast with the only snag being that you can’t actually rent the hanger/pavilion.  There is a first-come, first-serve community bulletin board located in the hanger on which people wanting to reserve the hanger post their desired date, time, and phone number.  So, if you’d like to have a party there be sure to swing by the park and pin your party’s date and time onto the board way in advance.  For small parties there is plenty of seating outside the hanger, but if your party is for about 40-50 people or more, or if you just want to be in the hanger, make sure to “reserve” the hanger via the community cork board.  So, other than the snag of having to share the hanger with someone whose posted reservation had been removed, the party was awesome.

The weather was perfect, the food (made by Niña and her Cousin Christy and Tia Mayi) was delicious, and the “backstage tour” Niña set up for the kids was great.  Apparently you can call and have a pilot take the kids onto the runway and into the cockpit of one of the planes…which the kids actually greatly enjoyed.   All-in-all the kids had a blast and even though there were about 4 birthday parties going on at the same time, the playground and park are big enough for everyone to do their own thing without interfering with the other birthday parties….unless you consider eating the food from another person’s party interference…something Alejandro did once we had moved out of the hanger (he didn’t realize the new party had moved into the space!).

I’d like to also take this time to thank the Academy and to all of Alejandro’s amazing aunts and uncles for helping set up the party!