The other day my older brother sent me some awesome workout videos from the 80’s and one of my favorites, by far, was of a dance team in the late 80’s. That got me thinking…how long…if ever…will it take before ABDC’s dance crews look dated?

Regardless, flyness is flyness, and I just don’t think the moves this 80’s-dance team were doing are very fly…nor were they fly then. I mean, if that’s your cup of tea then drink up – any form of body moving is good for you!

But just remember, body movin’ does not equal body rockin’…just sayin’.  

And don’t tell me it’s ’cause they’re white because there were a number of white folks who knew how to cut a rug in the 80’s….Footloose anyone?

So, enjoy the videos below and if you get tired of your current aerobic exercise routine you could always do one of these.

80’s Dance Team


2000’s Dance Team