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30 Day Full Body Core Workout

The 30 Day Full Body Core Workout  Here is a 30 Day Full Body Core Plan meant to tone and strengthen the entire body via core-based moves. The key to this routine is to make sure your core is fully engaged in each and every…

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P90X3 Review – Day 4, The Challenge

P90X3 Review – Day 4, The Challenge P90X3, The Challenge Nothing like non-stop push-ups and pull-ups right after an invigorating day of Yoga X3…am I right, or am I right?  Well my friends, that’s exactly what you get with X3’s The Challenge. If you’re already…

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The $30 Total Body Transformation, PHASE 1

A.K.A. – The Total-Body Pull-Up Routine Its here! The first X-Gains Original Workout Routine…Phase 1 (of 3) is anyways. This plan comes from my over 15 years of exercise experience + my recent total-body transformation via the P90X + P90X2 workout routines. AND ALL YOU…

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