Let me preface this post with an FYI – since the age of 13 I’ve been very serious about working out.  So, serious that I’ve worked out, and still do workout, when I am clinically “sick”.  You see, if I feel good enough to workout I do.  And this fact has always put my “sickness” in the hot seat.

So, every time I say I am feeling sick no one ever believes me…until they find out that I actually skipped a workout.  At that very moment the sentiment goes from I don’t care to, “Oh, crap, this is serious…are you okay?”

And to be honest, it’s both annoying and funny to me.  It’s annoying because I might get a splitting migraine some time after working out and my wife will call me out on not having the migraine during the workout.  Or, for example, if I got a small stomach bug, but I am feeling relative fine other wise, I’ll workout anyways and people won’t believe I don’t feel 100%.

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEEL 100% TO WORKOUT…and you shouldn’t skip a workout just because you don’t feel 100%.

The point of exercising is to feel 100% most of the time because you’re accustomed to PUSHing YOURSELF 100% ALL OF THE TIME. 

Most mornings I wake up and feel a bit of muscle soreness, or a bit tired and achy…but once I get up, warm up, and start moving I always feel better…but not today.

This weekend I did two workouts and a training video and felt like every muscle in my body was a bit tight when I woke up yesterday.  I worked out anyways and felt better right afterwards…but as the day went on so did the aches.  By 3 pm every muscle in my body felt sore.  At first I thought it was because of the workouts.  I actually thought to myself, “Must have hit it hard the last few days.”  But an hour later I realized something was up when I felt like my bones themselves were sore.

So, I got home, watched some Tron Upraising (which is AMAZING by the way – checkout the clip below) and feel asleep on the couch around 7 pm.  I woke up this morning at 3:45 am to start my day when I realized there was no way…I could hardly move.  So, I stayed in bed for another hour, in and out of sleep, measuring up how sick I really felt…and finally decided I was throwing in the towel today.

So, sickness won!  I skipped a workout and my family will believe I am truly sick!  But I’m not too stressed about it because I can always make it up on my next off day, or double up a with yoga + strength training on the same day.  Or, I can just forget about it all together and count it as an off day.  The point is, don’t stress over a missed sick day too much and JUST MAKE SURE TO GET BACK ON THE HORSE ASAP!



I got sick a few times on my first round of P90X.  The first time I muscled through a Plyometrics workout that almost killed me.   So the next time I got sick I decided to make up the missed day on the following off day.

I personally had set a goal to stay committed to the full 90-day program even if it meant working out sick…and that’s what I did.  But if you can’t no worries – just stick to the program and complete the entire thing even if it takes 95 days.

Of course there are times you are too sick to workout, but other times you are too sick to workout 100%.  And, if you’ve been training your body both mentally and physically, you’re 80% workout will be better than most people’s 100% – so workout!  In other words, make sure you’re skipping because your truly sick as opposed to “just not feeling 100% today.”

My point is that if everyone were to skip a workout every time they didn’t feel 100% then most of us would never workout, but if your “really sick” then DON’T workout…especially if your all achy, with a favor, sore throat, and asthma…see Mom, I am sick!