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5 YEAR RESULTS – P90X & LeanGains (Intermittent Fasting)

5 YEARS RESULTS – P90X & LeanGains Tony Horton + Intermittent Fasting 5 Year Results My 5 year weight loss update – i.e., how I’ve been able to maintain long-term weight loss success after first completing P90X and starting Intermittent Fasting (now known as Timed…

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DIETS THAT WORK, PART 2 – Ketosis, LCHF, 21 Day Fix, 80/20

DIETS THAT WORK, PART 2 KETOSIS, LCHF, 21 DAY FIX, 80/20 Weight loss is not a one-size fits all. I’ve learned that the hard way. Over the years I have tried a number of diets that work…that is until they stop. Our bodies adjust and,…

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P90X + LEANGAINS (INTERMITTENT FASTING) RESULTS, THREE YEARS LATER ***UPATE – JULY 2016 – 4 YEARS LATER RESULTS AND UPDATE HERE*** CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO BE BETTER 3 years ago I found P90X , LeanGains, and Intermittent Fasting and never looked back! In early 2012 I decided…

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