A lot of people are fans of adjustable dumbbells, I personally think they are an injury waiting to happen. Just think about it – moving parts on a weighted device you will be moving…something is bound to happen. Any weighted device with moving parts is bound to need maintenance (just think of all the machines at the gym). Anybody who’s seen the machines at the gym knows they are not supposed to have their hands or fingers anywhere near the moving weights. The mere thought of one of those adjustable dumbbells failing mid-curl makes my toes start to hurt and my lungs reverse sigh.

Dumbbells are great because you don’t have to add or remove anything to them – they are not meant to be adjusted…you just grab the ones you want and voila! There are no locking mechanisms to malfunction (other than your grip). There’s just you and the weights – no middleman you have to pray does their job.

All this being said, I know why many people, including myself, find the adjustable dumbbells appealing – space savers! This is a big pro when it comes to adjustable dumbbells, but is a little more square inches of space worth a broken toe (or face)? I think not. Call me old school, but when it comes to dumbbells I’d rather a solid piece of metal over clinking plates any day. If you don’t believe me just stop by your neighborhood sporting goods store and see for yourself…they all seem like they’re about to break…if they’re not broken already.