Losing weight is not about eating perfect 100%…the truth is, and don’t share this with everyone, especially if they relapse easily, losing weight and being fit is all about eating right 80% of the time. So, if you’re going to cheat, CHEAT! I mean go all out and do something you’d normally (probably) never do. I personally think this is a great game plan for two main reasons.



    You need to reward yourself every once in a while (and if you’re like me – food is a reward!).


    If you cheat big, I mean real BIG, you’ll feel so bad (physically) at the end of the cheat you’ll wonder why the hell you’d ever do that again…and you just might not do it again.

So, with this in mind – tailgate time!

Last weekend we went with my brother-in-law (who is really more like my little brother since I’ve known him since he was 9) and his friends to the Falcons’ Playoff Game. Drew, arrived at my house around 8:00 am to pack up the van (yes, I have a van…which I love) with the tailgate goods. As our cousin, Alex, and Drew were loading the van my cousin (who is a beast of a man) asks, “Are you ready for this Roly?”

“The game?” I reply.

“No, the cheeseburger.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You don’t know? We’re making bacon, egg, and cheese Krispy Kreme hamburgers.”

And then…I pinched myself. I had heard of a place in Atlanta that makes something similar and I had seen “The Luther” on one of The Boondocks episodes (see clip at the bottom of this post), but I had never made, or seen, this specimen of perfection in real life. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to try this culinary dream, but I’ve always been scared of the Itis. But you know what, it was my first Falcons’ Playoff Game and my first tailgate with this crew so I said forget it, CHEAT IT IS!

So, when the tailgate began at 9 am I dove right in to the 7-layer dip, Cranberry-Nut Brie, Cokes, Cheeseburger Appetizer, Chips, and finally THE MAIN COURSE – “The Luther.”

Now, when Alex, my cousin and the tailgate chef, went to hand me my Krispy Kreme cheese burger I thought to myself, “Go big or go home…throw another patty on that thing.” And that’s what I did…and I have to say, the bacon, egg, and cheese Krispy Kreme DOUBLE Hamburger was delicious!

I do have a small caveat though, I originally had 5 pieces of bacon on the burger but it was overpowering the donut…so, I removed 3 slices and the balance was perfected!

X-Gains | Falcons Tailgate - Cheat Day, Some Of The Gang

Falcons Tailgate – Cheat Day, Some of The Gang


Falcons Tailgate – Cheat Day, Cranberry Nut Brie


X-Gains | Falcons Tailgate - Game Time

Falcons – Game Time


X-Gains | Falcons Tailgate - Cheat Day

Falcons Tailgate – Cheat Day, Pat Enjoying The Luther



Ohhhh…it hit right as I took the second-to-last bite. That burger hit the bottom of my stomach like a stack of bricks…delicious juicy, sweet, and savory bricks!

At the end of the day I felt horribly content and it was perfect!

I enjoyed my over consumption and felt like I never wanted to do that again…until the next cheat day.