We all have to travel…sometime. 

Though some more than others, travel shouldn’t be an excuse as to why we’re not fit and/or making health conscious choices. 

This site is about changing our lifestyles no matter what type of life we live.  So, whether you’re at home 365 days a year or traveling 5 days a week, the point of this site is to help us in changing to a healthy and productive lifestyle that keeps us energetic, happy, and wanting to improve our wellbeing everyday of our life…even if we’re constantly on the go.

This being the case, I thought I’d share a guest post from Mike Manning – “a fitness and healthy living enthusiast who tries to see the best in all situations.” 

Well, It just so happens, Mike’s “situation” is one of extensive travel and, though he’s constantly on the go, Mike actively seeks solutions to staying fit, healthy, and enthusiastic about both life and traveling.

Below are just a few of his tips but be sure to checkout mikemanningmusings.blogspot.com for more.

Maintaining Fitness on the Fly

You’ve made the effort to exercise every day and make better meal choices, but now that you’re planning a trip, maintaining the habit seems daunting. With the disruption in your routine, it can be easy to break these healthy habits. Furthermore, the very fact that you’re traveling means that you’re bombarded with a bounty of fast food, vending machines and other sources of fattening foods. Without taking the proper steps before and during your trip, you could return home carrying more weight than just your luggage. Here are some tips to help you maintain fitness on the fly.


Seek a Healthy Hotel

With so many people turning their focus to leading a healthier lifestyle, various travel-oriented industries are responding to the increasing demand for accommodation. You can stay fit on your travels by seeking a hotel that caters to your needs. This could be a fitness room, indoor walking track or free workout videos on television. If the hotel provides healthy options for continental meals, this can make things even easier for you. Try to research hotels before you leave for the trip so that you can choose the best amenities for yourself. On a recent trip to California, I made sure to research top hotels in San Francisco from a travel review website and found a hotel that offered a gym that I could use at any time of day.


Waiting for the Plane

Waiting for the plane to arrive usually means that you have several hours to spare. Rather than sitting there and stuffing yourself out of sheer boredom, use this as an opportunity to do something nice for your body. Airports are big, open places, so they’re ideal for getting some exercise. For a larger benefit, carry your luggage around with you. Some of the country’s airports even offer fitness options to travelers. At San Francisco International Airport, travelers can take advantage of the peaceful yoga and zen room. Meanwhile, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport offers exclusive walking paths. Staying active while waiting for your plane also makes it easier to nap on long flights.


In Your Room

 When you don’t quite feel like leaving the comfort and privacy of your hotel room, you still need to make sure that you get plenty of exercise. Check the television to see if there are any cardio or yoga workout programs that you can move along to. There are plenty of body weight exercises that you can do anywhere. Or, you can also utilize some of the features of your room to aid your workout you can use the bed or desk to do some light pushups. Tuck your feet underneath the bed or dresser to make sit-ups more effective. You might also consider using the iron or chairs as weights to help you build strength and fat burning muscle mass.