In the game of life we all struggle to be better, stronger, more successful, happier, etc., but no matter what we are trying to achieve, the one constant to become more than you are right now is change…which, as most things in life, is easier said than done.

So, how do we change if every morsel in our body is set to resist change?  

Our bodies are prewired to achieve, and stay in, homeostasis…so change is hard…hard as hell if we’re being honest.

But, fret not my friends for change itself is inevitable!  

Change just needs a little nudge and, before we know it, that once unmovable state of being becomes a ball of kinetic energy whose own inertia won’t let it stop (sounds pretty powerful no?).  

The truth is change will come, change has to come, the only trick is to get that ball rolling…and the key to getting that ball rolling is all about modification!

Modify, Modify, Modify & GROW, GROW, GROW

Modification WILL Change Your Life…if you let it!