So, Mr. R and The Accidental Mrs. are doing us a huge favor today – babysitting the boys so we can go RISE UP at the Falcon’s Playoff game today!  We’ll be at The Dome (with my crazy brother-in-law and all is fantastic friends) bright and earlier.  Mr. R suggested that the boys spend the night at his house last night…and I suggested he invite us over for dinner – and it worked!

Now, I am going to be honest, I grew up with Mr. R and we do share a lot of the same tastes…but ever since he got married and got really into cooking his creations sound like he includes everything but the kitchen sink.  I had a vision of him grabbing whatever spices, fruits, vegetables, starches, and meats were within arms reach and throwing it all into a pan, heating it up (with the occasional stir), and poof – DINNER!

But after witnessing the mad scientist in action and actually having a full meal I was genuinely impressed!

Yesterday was P90X2’s Back + Plyo day so I knew since I woke up I’d be getting my fill…and then some.  So, around 3:15 pm I had a large cup of Café Con Leche and a few small Ham + Swiss Breakfast Sandwiches from Niña’s Kitchen (simply AMAZING! Recipe coming soon!).  At around 5:30 pm we stopped by the grocery store to pick up some wine, ice cream, and vegetable oil…Mr. R needed the vegetable oil for dessert…ice cream and something fried – I was already excited.

When we arrived I found Mr. R hunched over his kitchen island grounding some fresh pepper over something…I couldn’t see but I could smell deliciousness.  When he finally moved out of the way I found myself face to face with some delicious looking flat bread.  I took a piece, took a bite, and realized this night looked promising.  So, I poured me a glass of some nice red wine, got another piece of flat bread, and relaxed while the mad scientist finished preparing a wonderful 3-Course meal.

THANKS goes out to Mr. R and The Accidental Mrs. for a wonderful evening!

MENU | 2013.01.12

X-Gains : Mr. R's Menu

X-Gains : Mr. R’s Menu


tomato basil Hawaiian FLAT BREAD

X-Gains : Mr. R Flat Bread

Tomato Basil Mozzarella Hawaiian Flat Bread


ginger GLAZED CHICKEN with red wine parmesan couscous

X-Gains : Mr. R Ginger Glazed Chicken

X-Gains : Mr. R Ginger Glazed Chicken w/ Red Winde Parmasen Couscous


BERRY STREUSEL FRENCH TOAST with strawberry glaze and vanilla ice cream

Berry Streusel French Toast with Strawberry Glazed and Vanilla Ice Cream