P90X3 Review – Block 2

P90X3 Review – Block 2 Review

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So, at the end of P90X3’s Block 2, I am still pretty impressed with P90X3…but I do think it lacks in one major department…

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Overall I must say I am….

…drumroll please…

…still in love with Isometrics and CVX…but there’s a new love interest in town by the name of MMX.


Block 2 of P90X3, as did Phase 2 of P90X2, goes from a more-core-focused regimen to a bit more of a “traditional” approach to body building.  By “traditional” I mean a more isolated muscle movement as opposed to total-body moves.  And by “a bit more” I mean there’s still plenty of total body activation throughout P90X3’s Block 2 regimen.

Block 2 actually includes two lower-body “only” routines, Triometrics and Eccentric Lower, which both left me pretty happy.  And, for what it’s worth, I still believe P90X3 is doing a better job for my lower body development than both P90X and P90X2.

But, with all this lower-body goodness, there does seem to be a bit of a trade off!  

But before we get to the negative, lets talk positives!



Though I’ve now only done the Isometric workout twice,  I still think it might be my favorite with CVX a close second and MMX a close third.

1. Isometrics – Recap from previous Review of Block One

Isometrics is, as Tony says, “Yoga without the resting” – i.e., the hardest parts of Yoga.

So, during the Isometrics routine you are pretty much holding intense balance moves the entire time so that by the end of the workout you find yourself more tired than if you had done a non-stop pull-up/push-up routine.  I really don’t know how to express how good I think this workout routine is…but I can say it’s only in the “Transitional” weeks which is a negative in my opinion because the routine is killer.

2. CVX –  Recap from previous Review of Block One

Cardio with weights – need I say more?

I think the reason I like this routine so much is because it just keeps going.  There is really no time to think and, though it seems counter-intuitive, the times you are going harder/faster seem a bit easier than when you’re going regular speed.

3. MMX

30 minutes of pretty-intense-calorie burn-age via Mixed Martial Arts.

This is a pretty fun no-nonscence-get-her-done routine.  My only wish is that there were a bit more punches thrown because, though the included elbow moves do work out the core more, the punches in KenpoX give me a better arm workout.

4. The Glutes –  Recap from previous Review of Block One

To be honest, I personally think that both P90X and P90X2 lack a bit in the glute department…but P90X3 is a different story.

Though there is not a single lower body only routine in Block 1 of P90X3…

…I do believe Block 1 of P90X3 is better for the glutes than any round of P90X or P90X2.



As mention above, all the good P90X3 Block 2 may have in terms of total-body and lower-body development comes with a trade off…a big trade off if you ask me…especially for those body-building blokes.

As in Block 1’s Review, Block 2 of P90X3 also lacks in Arms BUT ALSO lacks in Back exercises…and the lack of Back IS a bit more serious than P90X3’s lack of specific/targeted Arm development.


Well, as mention in Block 1’s Review , P90X3 has an array of total body core moves that involve the arms for nearly every move.


Since about the age of 18 I knew the importance of pull-ups from a complete body development stand point.  As seen in my X-GAINS ORIGINAL WORKOUTS, I am a strong believer in the power of the pull-up and it’s necessary inclusion into ANY workout regimen – more on this later.

And, though P90X3 includes pull-ups, it does not include them enough if you ask me.

FYI – this being said, I’ll compare my pull-up count at the end of Block 3 to my pull-up count at the end of P90X…though I don’t think P90X3 stands a chance seeing that I am at about 12-15 pull-ups in a row right now compared to this point in P90X where I was at 15-18 pull-ups in a row.



So, now for the numbers – what were my P90X3 Block 2 Results?

Well…drumroll please….

…I lost 1.5 pounds and about 2% Body Fat in Block 2 of P90X3.

The overall weight loss may not seem too impressive, but being that I lost 10.5 pounds in Block 1 and only had about 15 pounds total to lose, I approached Block 2 a lot differently.

In Block 2 I focused on trying to gain some lean mass and/or increasing my total workout rep counts.  As for lean mass, I don’t think I gained much at all but I did succeed in increasing my rep count.

I also met my personal goal of cutting down my run pace from a 9:30/mile to 9:00/mile and have increased my weekly total miles run by about 33%.

So, all-in-all I’d say I am still more impressed with P90X3 than I originally thougt I would be…but I’ll reserve complete “final” judgement for the end of Block 3.





By Rolando Rodriguez