It’s simple really – Niña is my wife, my personal chef, and her food is the reason I workout!  I cannot stress the last point enough – one of the main reasons I workout is to eat my wife’s food!

From the way she butters bread, to the way she cooks her Thanksgiving Day turkey, Niña knows how to cook.  And I am not talking only holiday delicious butter-filled meals, but everything – including her delicious low-fat meals to help lose weight and get this whole party started.

Niña has become an expert over the years in cooking delicious foods for all meal plans and personal goals.  I’ve gone from a number of extreme weight-loss plans, to a number of weight-gain plans, to maintenance schedules and every plan has eventually worked because of Niña’s help, support, and devotion to making every meal I have delicious…no matter the targeted calorie or fat content.

So, be sure to check out the recipes that apply to your goals and, no matter which intake plan you’re on, there’s no way you’ll ever be left unsatisfied.

Remember, we’re not dieting, we are changing our lifestyles and making sure it’s one worth changing to.