The other day a friend of mine asked me for a custom workout plan but prefaced the request with, “I only have $30 to spend on equipment”…and so this plan was born.

So, what do you do with $30 dollars that can change your life? After discussing some options we came to the conclusion that the best way to spend the 30 bucks would be on a single piece of equipment – one device to change the world…is this a movie preview…or at least change this guy’s world. Regardless, I am sure you’re wondering what single piece of workout equipment you could buy for $30 that could change your entire body composition…does this really exist?…I’m I just putting in “…..” to keep building interest and suspense…?

The mystery device we decided on was the….

Pull-Up BAR!

Phase 1 of the workout routine (The $30 Total Body Transformation Routine) will be posted this coming week so please SUBSCRIBE (via the form or button at the bottom of the page) to this post to get an e-mail update when the plan is posted.