Story Time With Tony

If you’ve ever done a P90X, P90X2, or P90X3 workout you know Tony Horton talks a lot…and by a lot I mean practically the entire workout…yes, even while you’re supposed to be meditating Tony finds something to talk about.

So, it is no surprise when Tony goes off on side rants ranging from his thoughts on Krispy Kremes to Coca Cola to finding old Cheetos in your carpet to what he thinks about gyms, but his best rants are hands down in P90X3…which seems a bit counterintuitive being that P90X3 is half the time…so you’d think he’d talk less…but, lucky us, he doesn’t.

So, incase it’s not yet obvious, I love Story Time With Tony.

Yeah over 2/3’s of his rants are ridiculous or not that funny, but the 1/3rd that are funny or important are well worth enduring the rest of his rants…which you sadly start to enjoy the more you workout with the man.



I have been working out with Tony Horton 5-6 days a week for almost two years now.  I have done P90X and P90X2 2.5 times and I’m about three weeks away from finishing my first round of P90X3.  This being the case, I pretty much have almost every single Horton rant or quote from P90X, P90X2, and P90X3 memorized, and my favorite comes in P90X3.

After finishing a set in one of P90X3’s workouts (I won’t tell you which one as to not completly spoil the surprise…because I am sure everyone is excited to hear it straight from the horses mouth…okay, maybe not everyone), Tony says a four-word sentence which really really hit home.




“Aging is for idiots,” Tony says as he catches his breath.

“Ha,” I thought to myself…followed by an “aaaaa…”

You see, Tony is right, “aging is for idiots.”

It’s nothing new really  – the science has been out there for years.  You’ve known for quite some time that working out both your mind and body does nothing but prolong the effects of aging…I mean just look at Julio Franco!




So, we all know working out your body and mind keep you younger, but it actually does one better!

Exercise, specifically the right type of exercise regimen, can actually reverse the affects of aging…something I know first hand.



I have said it for years now, when you hit 27 years old your body just stops recuperating as it once did…at least for me anyways.

After my 27th birthday not only did my ability to recuperate from normal injuries slow down but so did my metabolism.  This mix enable my weight to sky rocket which just made matters worse.

As you may already know, after 27 not only did I balloon up from 175 to 240 lb., but I also completely tore my right labrum and lost strength in both knees resulting in the need for corrective surgery in all three body parts.

Well, 5 years later I never had the surgeries I and I am in the best shape of my life…not to mention I feel like I’m 26 again!



How did I do it?

Well, I found the perfect workout programs for me.  I personally decided to give Tony a go and the results speak for themselves – my shoulder is as strong as ever and my knees no longer hurt.

“Wait, your fixed your broken shoulder and knees by using them more?”

The sort answer, “Yes, exactly!”

You see it’s all about finding the right workout regimen that combines strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance (i.e., total body) into the perfect anti/reverse aging concoction – I concoction you should take daily for the rest of your longer life.



The fountain of youth has never been easy to find, but it does exist.


The secret is all about finding the right workout program for you.


Yeah, P90X, P90X2, and P90X3 have put me in the best shape of my life, BUT that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be your map to the fountain.

BUT KNOW YOUR MAP EXISTS and, as long as you keep looking for it, YOU WILL FIND IT because, as Tony says,


“Aging is for idiots!”