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LIMITS – WHY WE HAVE TO BREAK PART 2 – HOW TO SAFELY BREAK   FINDING YOUR LIMITS As we learned last time, to become faster, stronger, and better we need to surpass our limitations, but, as we also learned last time, fining our limits can…

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Arms Workout – The Secret To Toner, Bigger, or Sexier Arms Fast

ARMS WORKOUT – THE SECRET TO TONER, BIGGER, OR SEXIER ARMS FAST   TONER, BIGGER, OR SEXIER ARMS IS ALL ABOUT HAVING A PAIR OF BALLS So, now that I got your attention, lets get that head of yours out of the gutter! A lot of guys…

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Dumbbells VS. Smartbells

A lot of people are fans of adjustable dumbbells, I personally think they are an injury waiting to happen. Just think about it – moving parts on a weighted device you will be moving…something is bound to happen. Any weighted device with moving parts is…

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