Intermittent Fasting, IIFYM, Calorie & Macros Cycling


Nearly four years ago a dear friend of mine introduced me to LeanGains and, without sounding too dramatic, my life, mind, and body were forever changed!


Yeah the first month and half of starting the LeanGains eating style helped me lose 30 pounds in just 6 weeks, but the impact LeanGains had on my quality of life, health, and body composition allowed me to not only keep the weight off three years later, but reach a personal level of health and fitness I never knew possible.


Yeah, I know it sounds like magic, like it’s too good to be true, or like I am trying to get you to buy something, but the truth is:

1. It works, 

2. The results are real,

3.I ain’t selling a damn thing.


As many of you may already know, this blog’s title is a nod to the two things that, in terms of my fitness, health, and quality of life, forever changed my life – P90X and LeanGains (X-GAINS).


So, being that I consider the LeanGains approach to eating an actual game changer, I thought it relevant to share a short little video explaining the facets of LeanGains – a short little “how to” if you will.


To learn more about LeanGains be sure to checkout some of the links below the video. 



Intermittent Fasting, IFYM, Calorie & Macros Cycling



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